Droid Bionic vs iPhone 5: Tweeters Reveal Thoughts?

Motorola’s Droid Bionic with support for 4G LTE was finally available to purchase on 8th September, only just nine months after its initial announcement, but there you go! In the last 2 days we’ve given you news about its arrival and that retailer Amazon are offering the handset at a lower price, we’ve been keen to give you a review roundup, tear down showing the exposed Bionic and so on. Here at OSM we would be interested to hear your comments if you have been lucky enough to bag a Bionic.

But for how much longer will the Droid’s popularity carry on? We have to ask the question as there’s some pretty mean rivals coming its way. Take Samsung’s new Galaxy S II or another of its clan, Apple’s iPhone 5 or perhaps one of HTC’s multitude of devices. Motorola has had somewhat of a head start with news that Samsung’s US version is still to arrive, the iPhone 5 is rumored to arrive sometime in October as well as HTC’s Titan and Radar towards the end of the month.

So with the Bionic shown in all its glory for a two-year data plan of $299.99 from the big red Verizon carrier, we were interested to hear what the vibe was from those caught up in the confusing decision process, is it the Bionic that swaying them, the iPhone 5 or perhaps even something else?

According to PCMag.com the word on social networking site Twitter is varied with some tweets that we’ve picked out for you to read. Interestingly PCMag’s very own mobile analyst Sascha Segan commented on the Bionic as “the most powerful Android phone you can buy today,” although he did add that, “something better will always be coming around the corner.”

Tweets have included some from @dirmgr which read, “Great job @ Verizon Wireless on asinine data plan options. Went in looking to upgrade my Droid X to Bionic, left looking to switch carriers.”

Another from @7News Traffic tweeted, “Today may be a little less productive for me as I am still getting used to my new Droid Bionic that I picked up yesterday. It is wonderful.” On the flipside to positive remarks, @PopSci tweeted, “Reactions to the Motorola Droid Bionic: very fast, pretty nice size, but screen is really bad, somehow grainy and blurry at once.”

@regina8791 tweeted, “Droid Bionic or iPhone 5? Idk which one… I’m leaning towards the Droid cause Apple’s products are too similar and I have an iPad an iPod.”

What are your thoughts on the two in question? Which would you prefer, the Motorola or Apple? Yesterday evening we brought you news that carrier Sprint would be running with the iPhone 5 and to try and entice customers away from carriers Verizon and AT&T, they were possibly thinking of using unlimited data plans instead of tiered? Would this tempt you?