iPhone 5 Sprint Present Unlimited Data Plans, Not Tiered?

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is a continuous stream of news and has been for the last umpteen months. Various articles have included its rumored specs, price as well as asking how much you would pay, if the name may change, carriers, comparisons against other handsets from what we know and so on. Although there is no doubt that the new Apple offering will attract a whole host of people, if released in October, it will be up against some pretty impressive handsets.

Just two days ago, the Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic officially released, Samsung’s Galaxy S II is already in retailers with the US versions on their way, HTC is proving competitive along with others from LG and BlackBerry. Many posts have been written by us here at OSM and in the last seven days, the news keeps on coming in. The latest being that Sprint will be offering the iPhone 5 and that pre-orders of the device are already possible, 150,000 handsets are being produced on a daily basis, this is due to Apple not taking any chances and having enough devices to go around!

If Sprint as Engadget stated, are to jump onto the iPhone 5 bandwagon, then indications are pointing towards the US carrier offering unlimited data plans as oppose to tiered plans that are currently being offered from rivals AT&T and the big red Verizon. Via Bloomberg and unnamed sources, Sprint are hoping to entice customers away from other carriers’ variants with the view of opting to go with them. Currently, AT&T offer its customers a $15 plan for 200MB every four weeks as well as a $25 plan for 2GB of data. Verizon on the other hand, have come up with a $30 plan for 2GB and a $80 per month for 100GB of data.

AT&T kicked off tiered plans in 2010 with Verizon following suit this year. Along with news of the use of unlimited data, Cnet have commented on Sprint focusing on bringing out the iPhone 5 during the middle of October.

Interestingly figures from analyst company “Validas” have reported that during the month of June, on average, Sprint customers’ usage increased by 381MB of data compared to July of last year, with AT&T using 282MB and Verizon 308MB. Put this with data use per month, Sprint customers on average previously were using 779MB, compared to AT&T with 425MB and Verizon 394MB.

What are your thoughts on the Apple iPhone 5 coming to Sprint? Would you be swayed by unlimited data plans and if not, which is your preferred carrier?