Best Buy’s Sprint iPhone 5 Memo Is Fake: Staff Loyalty Test

A cloud of mystery still surrounds the iPhone 5 launch and matters have been further thrown into doubt. Last week we saw a Best Buy memo which contained information regarding the availability of the smartphone on Sprint; it has now been reported that this was a fake. The leaked document contained plenty of juicy info relating to the release of the iPhone 5, it now seems this was designed to root out potential leakers from the company.

Reports from Beatweek Magazine tell us that the internal memo was a hoax, Best Buy doing this to test the loyalty of their staff. The idea behind the exercise was to see which employees would spill the false information, the company has now learned which workers can and can’t be trusted. These latest revelations do not necessarily mean that the iPhone 5 will not be coming to Sprint, just that the first week of October is not the nailed on release frame.

Sprint’s rivals Verizon and AT&T will also offer the iPhone 5 but as of yet they have not released any significant details. The Best Buy memo claimed that pre-orders would be offered this week as Apple were yet to launch the device, although it would come in the opening week of October. This information is further backed up by the fact that T-Mobile’s European parent company Deutsche Telekom is already allowing customers to reserve their iPhone 5 when it arrives.

The company is already taking pre-orders for the handset but are as of yet still unable to provide any information to customers other than its existence. We now also have “iPhonegate”, with it still unclear whether an iPhone 5 prototype was left in a bar or not for the 2nd time in just over a year. Apple are now hiring two new product security managers to protect the iPhone 6 from similar mishaps. If these reports are true then the iPhone 5 is in very advanced testing stages.

iOS 5 is also in its final beta testing stage and may have a social network integrated into it. New HTML code revealed a social platform which Apple had patented may be implemented into the new software. The service is called “Find My Friends” and looks like a very interesting offering from Apple, resembling many of Twitter’s features. We reported to you earlier that Foxconn are manufacturing 150,000 units a day as the release gets closer.

Yesterday saw another teaser which came in the form of a plate of sushi, which CNN reports was supposedly shot with an iPhone 5 camera. Apple really are taking their time with this whole matter, much to the frustration of impatient and excited fans. The delay of the iPhone 5 has also pushed back the launch of the 5th generation iPod Touch, normally unveiled in the first week of September. Surely we wont have to wait much longer and after all this it will be well worth the wait.