Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic OFFICIALLY Here: Got Yours?

After months of waiting, well in fact nine months and 3 days if you want to be exact, for Motorola’s Droid Bionic to finally make its entrance, we can now say its officially here. For those of you that have followed its humble beginnings until now, will know that the new handset has endured release delays as well as a change in specifications.

For us here at OSM, amongst the barrage of new and forthcoming smartphones, three have always been stealing the limelight away from others, as well as the Bionic, Samsung’s new Galaxy S II and Apple’s iPhone 5 are to be included. Specs wise, they’ll impressive and yesterday evening, we brought you news that Vincent over at Slashgear had been lucky enough to have a hands-on with the Bionic, giving us his first impressions. Overall the feeling was good apart from the camera’s auto-focus taking a little while to adjust itself and shoot, whilst stills at times seemed a little blurry. Motorola it seems are aware of this with the view to bringing out a simple firmware update to rectify this.

It will be interesting over the next few days and weeks to find out what the general consensus is towards Motorola’s new offering. With the handset retailing for $299.99 its expected to live up to the hype that we’ve been hearing about.

What the liked about the new Droid Bionic, was the fact that the phone felt solid. Ok so its a little thicker than others on the current market and the screen is bigger than past Droids, but the actual build quality is something to not be missed. What Joshua Topolsky wanted to point out is that the Bionic as with previous Motorola’s wins hands-down with its sound quality. When using the earpiece or speakerphone to make calls, the sound is superb.

If we revert back to the subject of the Bionic’s 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel VGA to the front, video recording can be taken with the benefit of 1080p HD. The Motorola will be the first of its kind to come already with Google Talk video chat allowing you the user, to make and answer from Google’s instant messaging service. Battery life for the new addition may be somewhat disappointing, although Slashgear at the time couldn’t comment on this, Joshua had openly said that some 3G phones would equal its juice life with other 4G rivals possibly beating the Bionic to the post.

LTE speeds were excellent along with the fast use of apps and opening of web pages. Although as with any new product, it really comes down to personal preference when purchasing something and everybody is of course entitled to their own opinion, Joshua liked the phone but not enough to shell out the price, he felt that there is not enough on the device to warrant the $299.99.

UPDATE: Retailer Amazon are offering the Droid Bionic for a price of $179.99 with a two-year contract.

As with our previous articles, we’ve asked whether you have been waiting for the new Motorola? Did you get fed up waiting and opt for something else, or will you be keen to part with your money? Give us feedback on your new toy?