First iPhone 5 Image Shown: Clever Intrigue Surrounds Photo

If you’re waiting for the Apple iPhone 5 then you’re one of many and we’ve been detailing all the news and speculation as it comes in. Today we have news of an image that many will have been waiting for as we have long talked about an expected improved camera for the next iPhone and now we have what purports to be a test photo taken from the iPhone 5.

In our recent iPhone 5 article we told how manufacturing had already begun and also spoke of the two companies chosen to produce 8-megapixel camera sensors, backing up those rumors of a much improved shooter. News of this image today further backs up this speculation and came to us from Evan Blass over on Pocketnow. The photo is pretty cracking stuff even if the subject matter is a bit boring. You can see it below, courtesy of Pocketnow. A plate of food is shown in what seems to be a photo from an iPhone 4. However the EXIF data from the image contradicts that.

The image size has been cropped to 2235×2291, (5.12-megapixels). However before being cropped it appear that the image was 3264×2448, near the 8-megapixel mark. Ta Da! Just what many prospective iPhone 5 owners were hoping for. On top of that the iPhone 4 lens is 3.85mm f/2.8 while the lens recorded for this photo is 4.3mm f/2.4. Although there’s a possibility that the EXIF data could have been altered the nail on the head comes from the fact that this plate of food belongs to an Apple engineer about to have lunch.

As yet more evidence Chris Ziegler over on This is My Next also reports on the leaked image and gives us more information. The file data also shows Building 1 on Apple’s Infinite Loop complex as the source of the photo and as yet more backup a reader used image processing to straighten a reflection on the plate, which positively depicts a man taking a photo with what looks like a phone. Is it the iPhone 5? We can’t verify that but this is certainly very clever and intriguing stuff.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this revelation. If this is indeed a photo taken using the next iPhone what do you think of the results? Let us know with your comments.