Apple’s Social Network Gains Credibility With New HTML Code

The age of social media is upon us and Apple is looking to get further in on the act. Last year a patent was leaked showing a user interface which had all the makings of a social platform. Taking another look at it now, it features plenty of social jargon much of which is related to Twitter. Seeing as Apple’s new and soon to be launched mobile software iOS 5 comes with Twitter integration, we could well have this social service embedded in our new devices like the iPhone 5.

According to Cnet UK, the service will be called “Find My Friends” and has been identified by new HTML code in the MobileMe/iCloud website. It is not expected that this service will be a full blown social network like Facebook, more of a mobile tool that supports social networking and has features of its own. It has been reported that Apple were not convinced on whether to use this idea or not, but the HTML code has pretty much now confirmed they will.

The patent uses common phrases like “follower”, “status” and “request” which are day to day things involved in Facebook and Twitter. Apple has already dipped their toe into the big social networking ocean with their social music service Ping, but it did not do as well as hoped. The name “Find My Friends” sounds like there could be a large location aspect behind this service. You reportedly pick a contact from your phonebook and request their location, once they give it to you plans can be made easily and quickly.

Apple most certainly has the user base to launch a social assault on the market if they choose to. They may want to follow in the footsteps of Google by having another crack after a less than impressive first try. The search engine giant failed with buzz and have really hit the ground running with Google+, can Apple do the same with “Find My Friends” after the problems with Ping? Let us know what you think about the prospect of Apple launching a social network by leaving a comment.