Apple iPad 3 Changed Battery Packs with Longer Service Life

It hardly seemed like any time had passed after the release of the Apple iPad 2 before attention was already being focused on the iPad 3. We’ve been keeping you informed with all the news and speculation and recently spoke about rumors of a Q1 2012 release and also the possibility that it will support 4G LTE. Today we have further iPad 3 news as it seems that the battery packs are set to change and will have a longer service life.

News of the new battery packs, indicating the next iPad could have an even slimmer, lighter design, comes to us from Zach Epstein over on BGR. Taiwan Economic News reported today that Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp., have both been chosen to provide the new battery packs. The thinner and lighter packs than those currently in the iPad 2 will give a longer service life than existing packs. However the cost of the batteries to Apple will go up by around 20 to 30%.

BGR speculates that these new battery packs either signify an even more svelte design, or they will create the increased space necessary for a new Retina Display, which has been hotly rumored. Over on MacRumors, Eric Slivka also reports on this news and reminds us that although previously there were many rumors suggesting a new iPad later in 2011, most recent rumors are suggesting the first quarter of next year because of Apple’s intention to include a Retina Display.

It’s also reported that the first new battery packs will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2011 which would tie in nicely with an early 2012 release for the iPad 3. We’d like to hear your thoughts on these lighter battery packs. Do you hope it will lead to an even thinner design for the iPad 3 or maybe you’d prefer the extra space to be used for a Retina Display? Let us know with your comments.