Rugby World Cup 2011 Involvement: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

If you’re a sports fan then you’ll already know that the Rugby World Cup 2011 begins in a few days time, running from September 9 to October 23. The action this time around will be taking place in New Zealand and organizers have arranged a variety of way in which fans across the world can follow all the events through social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Now, more than ever before, viewers use social media and so this Rugby World Cup is set to take advantage of the many platforms available. Bridget Abernethy, group product manager for Rugby New Zealand 2011 said, “This is an unprecedented opportunity for New Zealand to place itself in front of the world…[W]e have all been keen from the very beginning to make the most of all platforms of social media as means of reaching out not only to all the people who are coming here but to those who for whatever reason could not make the trip,” according to a report on The Independent.

Every day videos will be posted on YouTube and already Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts have been established. The reaction to the social media platforms available has been impressive. The World Cup Facebook account page for instance, already has 1.2 million Likes and the Twitter account has been so successful that a full-time Twitter crew has been taken on. Flickr is also being used and 25,000 rugby fans that have been photographed with the Webb Ellis Trophy on its pre-tournament tour have had their photos posted on the site.

Rugby New Zealand 2011’s CEO, Martin Snedden said, “We think that no event before has made use of these social media developments to such an extent. People from all over the world have found they can get total access to what we are doing here.” It has been estimated that of tickets sold so far for the Rugby World Cup, social media has generated 40% of those sales.

If you want to access any of the social media Rugby World Cup platforms that we’ve mentioned hit the links above and you may also be interested in the Rugby World Cup official website here. More resources can also be found on The Independent link earlier. Will you be following the Rugby World Cup 2011 and which social media channel will be the one you mainly use? Let us know with your comments.