iPhone 5 Unleashed: 2 Apple Postings To Safeguard Products

One of the most highly sought after handsets of this year is still to release, yep that’s right we’ll talking about the new Apple iPhone 5. Despite its non appearance at the June WWDC event and rumors of various release dates that have been and gone, the next gen is still on its way and the latest is pointing to the month of October. As to what date remains a mystery, rumor suggested the 21st whilst just this morning we gave you news that carrier Sprint were starting pre-sales early part of the month.

To add to the multitude of dates, the iPhone 5 has been in the news over the weekend in relation to a prototype being spotted at a bar in the US, many including us here at OSM have questioned whether this was a publicity stunt from Steve Jobs and his company, to enjoy some of the limelight currently being embraced by Samsung and their new Galaxy S II addition. If we cast our minds back to just over a year ago, the iPhone 4 had been mysterically seen on a bar in the US, again asking whether this was indeed a deliberate mistake.

Whilst a man who is thought to have the handset has or still is being investigated by the San Francisco Police Department including a search of his home, as Slashgear reported, Apple have now decided to advertise two full time job vacancies enabling them to investigate the goings on of unreleased products and their whereabouts if lost.

If this is right up you’re street, then carefully read the job description as follows:

“The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property. Position will reside in Cupertino, California and will require up to 30% travel (international and domestic).The individual will collaborate with other security managers by contributing to, and managing execution of, strategic initiatives set forth by Director, Global Security.”

In terms of specs, we unfortunately are no far forward in finding out. Speculation has been fuelled with news that the iPhone 5 will include a smaller screen and be slightly thinner in appearance, include a dual-core processor, iOS 5, thousands and thousands of apps, 8 megapixel autofocus rear camera and so on.

What are your thoughts on the missing iPhone 5 prototype? A deliberate or accidental move? Would you be an ideal Apple candidate?