iPhone 5 Reservations Pre- Release: Not Exactly Pre-Orders

As the Apple iPhone 5 draws closer to its release many people are waiting for any snippets of information as to when they may finally get their hands on it. Earlier today we told how Sprint could begin pre-sales of the next iPhone at the beginning of October, however since then we have had news that some consumers in Europe are now able to place their reservations from today.

News of the pre-release reservations for Deutsche Telekom customers comes to us from Christian Zibreg over on 9to5Mac, sourced from Focus.de, a German website. Deutsche Telekom is the parent company for T-Mobile and that means that T-Mobile customers across Europe can now place a reservation and will be issued with a Premieren ticket, just one per customer. When the iPhone 5 eventually arrives, those with a ‘golden’ ticket will then be able to claim their iPhone on a first-come-first-served basis.

Although Deutsche Telekom hasn’t made a big song and dance about this initiative, Bloomberg today confirmed the story. A Deutsche Telekom spokesperson said, “Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) will allow customers to reserve the next generation of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone as of today in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device.” The company also stated that no information about the phone, release details or even its name would be issued at the time of reservation. Reservations can be made either be visiting a store and speaking to a sales representative or by calling customer support.

Robert Nelson over on TFTS also discusses this reservation system and points out that it’s not exactly the same as pre-orders as no money is being taken at the point of reservation. Of course we still have no idea what price the next iPhone will actually be although Shane McGlaun over on Slash Gear speculates a price of around $199, which is around the mark we anticipated in our recent article.

The situation about iPhone 5 reservations for the US is still unclear though as Deutsche Telekom sells the iPhone across Europe but not on the T-Mobile USA subsidiary, as we’re reminded by Beatweek. AT&T, which does carry the iPhone is currently attempting a merger with T-Mobile, which led to talk of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile USA, but the merger is now facing resistance from regulators. There have been other rumors that the iPhone 5 will also release on T-Mobile and Sprint as well as Verizon and AT&T but as usual there’s no confirmation as yet.

Intriguing times ahead then and just the fact that Deutsche Telekom now has a reservations system in place suggests that the iPhone 5 is nearer to release and that the company is forecasting an unprecedented demand. Have you tried to place a reservation for the next iPhone with T-Mobile or Deutsche Telekom? Let us know how you got on by sending your comments.