Apple iPhone 5 Drama Steals Galaxy S II’s Thunder: Coincidence?

Many of you who are interested in mobile technology will have been keeping informed about the smartphones of the moment and two of the biggest have to be the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2) and the Apple iPhone 5. Today we’re intrigued about the lost iPhone 5 prototype drama and wondering if it might just be an attempt on Apple’s part to steal the thunder from the Galaxy S II.

If you haven’t yet heard of the recent lost iPhone 5 saga then hit the links to catch up. We first told how yet another iPhone had been lost shortly before release and then our own Matt Tran followed this up, asking if the whole incident was one elaborate hoax and some sort of publicity stunt. Most of us are still in the dark as to what exactly is going on but given the ongoing legal tensions between Samsung and Apple, it does rather raise the question about whether it could be Apple’s way of striking back at Samsung in another way.

We have recently given you all the details about the upcoming Galaxy S II release in the US and earlier today gave a plain and simple guide to the S II. However, just before the Samsung event last week that launched the Galaxy S II stateside it was also announced that Samsung would be bringing out a Galaxy S II LTE edition. At the time we asked if this might be an attempt on Samsung’s part to take the shine off the impending iPhone 5 launch. Now we’re deliberating on the rather timely coincidence of the lost iPhone 5 prototype dominating the tech headlines, just after the Samsung event unveiling the US Galaxy S II.

It does seem rather strange that within a couple of days of the tech limelight being focused on Samsung’s Galaxy S II the lost iPhone 5 story broke and wrested much of that attention back to Apple’s next iPhone. We are plainly not the only ones that this has occurred to. Over on Pop Herald, Jean Xiam Sun notes that the lost prototype has intensified the iPhone 5 rumor mill just at the time when many consumers are making their decisions about buying a Galaxy S II. Johnny Major over on Beatweek also notes how the prototype incident has taken coverage away from iPhone rivals such as the Galaxy S II at just the right time and also reminded consumers that the iPhone 5 is on the way and added another choice into the mix.

It’s certainly intriguing stuff and we’re really interested to find out what you think about this. Do you think the fact that the lost iPhone, leaked at the same time as the Galaxy S II US launch, is merely coincidental? Maybe you think there has to be more to it than that? Let us know with your comments.