Amazon’s Android Kindle Tablet: Price, Specs & Launch Revealed

For some time now we have known about Amazon’s plan to bring out a tablet to follow up on the success of its immensely popular Kindle. Slowly more and more details have been unraveled and we have plenty of fresh new info for you regarding price, the release date and the specifications of the upcoming tab. Amazon as expected has used Android as the operating system but also with Kindle OS integration.

Lets start on the pricing side of things. Amazon pride themselves on affordability, their Kindle sells for a price so that almost everyone can afford one and this will be the same case with their tablet. It is likely that Amazon will in fact make a loss on the sale of the tablet, but will make the real money back and more on the sales of apps, eBooks and other media. Reports from Tech Radar tell us that the Android Kindle tab will sell for around £170 ($250), half the price of Apple’s dominating iPad.

Reports that 2 tablets will be launched by Amazon are true, “Coyote” and “Hollywood” being the codenames for the models. The difference between the devices are that Coyote has a 7-inch multi touchscreen, Hollywood being bigger with a 10 inch display. It is thought that the larger models is powered by a duel-core chip with the smaller running on a single-core chip. Coyote will launch in the 4th quarter of 2011, thought to be November, with Hollywood not expected until the 1st quarter of 2012.

Amazon’s tablet will come with no visible buttons and will not be deeply integrated with Android, according to The Gadgeteer via Tech Crunch. The software on the devices will be an Android version before Froyo (2.2) with the Kindle OS sitting on top. There will be no Android Market or Google apps of any kind in fact, the focus of course being on Amazon and Kindle apps. Owners will be able to buy eBooks and other media in just a few touches, free movie streaming being rumored.

The tablet will not kill the Kindle as it remains a dedicated eBook reader; Amazon’s tab will offer the same reading experience through an app. Although an official launch date is not available yet, expect to see Coyote for sale in November. Amazon will not be foolish enough to miss out on Christmas sales, their relatively cheap tablet looking a very attractive gift given the hard financial times many people are experiencing. The iPad 3 is expected in early 2012, can Hollywood upset the Apple cart? Let us know your thoughts on the tablet market, how well you think Amazon’s will compete and of course, if you will be buying one.