Amazon Retail Site Revamp: Kindle Tablet-Optimized?

It looks as though the Amazon retail site is currently the subject of a revamp and testing has already begun on a redesigned It looks as though the reason for the new look could be associated with the upcoming Amazon tablet and that the current testing will be rolled out to increasing amounts of customers.

Earlier on today our Matt Tran gave details about the Amazon Kindle Tablet with specs, pricing and release news and already the Kindle Tablet is gaining a lot of very positive press attention. Emily Banks over on Mashable tells how the new-look site is “cleaner and less cluttered” with a bigger search box and larger buttons and also reports that the shopping cart and wish list are both now easier to get to and use. TechCrunch points out that the revamp will feature apps, digital games, ebooks and MP3’s, all products ripe for tablet users.

The changes suggest that the Kindle Tablet could be nearing a launch and Amazon would be keen to rollout the revamped site before the tablet’s arrival. Testing began in late August but so far a full launch of the new-look site is unknown according to The Wall Street Journal, although it’s predicted that it will go live to every customer internationally this fall. It certainly looks as though the new design is optimized for tablet use though and that would be a canny move on Amazon’s part, keen to give it’s Kindle tablet a good start.

Amazon says both tablet and PC users will see the new-look site and that only smartphone visitors to the site will see it differently. Do you think it’s about time that Amazon had a new look? Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t like sites to change? Let us know with your comments.