iPhone 5 Release Indication? Best Buy Installation October 21

Our enthusiasm for Apple iPhone 5 articles knows no bounds and that’s mainly because a lot of OSM readers want to hear all the latest developments about this upcoming smartphone. The one thing we’re asked about more than any other right now is a release date for the iPhone 5 but as yet that’s still unconfirmed. However today we have news that the release is looking more likely for the second half of October, maybe close to October 21.

We’ve now published many articles with speculation and rumor about the iPhone 5 release but as usual with an Apple product nobody will be really sure until Apple chooses to let us know. Again this is speculative information but news comes to us from Chris Ziegler over on This is My Next that the launch of the next iPhone could be indicated by an ‘Apple Fixture Installation’ supposedly happening at a Best Buy location on Friday October 21.

A screenshot is shown which asks that a manager/key carrier is available at 6am that day for store access and Ziegler points out that usually those staff would not be available before 7am for inventory but that a similar change to procedure also happened for the iPhone 4 launch. However as Ziegler also stresses, there’s nothing solid about the ‘fixture installation’ to tell us exactly what it’s for so it could be for many other things, although it would fit with recent rumors.

To add a little more weight to this speculation it seems that Best Buy also has a meeting scheduled for Best Buy Mobile managers on October 10 about “upcoming BIG release dates” according to Ziegler’s tipster, which of course would tie in rather nicely. Jake Smith over on 9to5Mac also reports on this Best Buy installation and points to the fact that a previous release date rumor suggested October 7, which is a Friday, as is October 21 in the latest rumor. Smith also tells of rumors of a press event at the end of this month where they iPhone 5 could still be announced along with the new iOS 5.0.

It’s certainly interesting stuff and will keep us all wondering, though if October 21 is accurate it’s a little later than many expected. We recently asked whether the late release of the Galaxy S II in the U.S (September 16) would benefit the iPhone 5, Droid Bionic or another handset but the later the iPhone is released the less relevance this will have. You may also be interested in our recent news about yet another iPhone prototype being lost (remember last year), and further news that it could have been a hoax.

We’d be interested to hear what you think about this latest iPhone 5 release speculation. Are you waiting for the next iPhone and were you hoping for it a little earlier than October 21? Let us know with your comments.

  • thomas riddell

    iphone will come out in october and the spec will be awasomesc then some android device will be out 2 months later trumping it yet again. why do so many people get so excited about the new phone, when 4 came out people didnt go yesssss but more ehh ok i will give it a go followed by the reception fiasco etc, im sure apple knew about it but were forced to act surprised just to get it out there, apple dont give a toss what you think, just pay them the grossly over priced handset and shut up cause they own you now, also every update to 5 has already been out there on android or windows etc for yrs, i waited on 4, when it came out i was so annoyed at my self and bought a samsung galaxy, wow, apple cant compete anymore the same as all dictatorships this yr.