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Google Birthday - 13 Years Old Today: Key Moments in History

September 4, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The world has changed an awful lot in the last 13 years and one of the biggest developments over that time has been search giant Google. As Google is 13-years-old today we send Happy Birthday greetings and thought you’d like to hear about some of the key moments about the search engine that has forever altered the World Wide Web.

Larry Page and Sergei Brin, founders of Google, first met in 1995 at Stanford and initiated a search service called rather oddly, BackRub in 1996. They changed the name to Google and loosely represented the word ‘googol’ means the number 1 with 100 zeroes following. We can hardly believe it’s 13 years ago but on September 4, 2021 after receiving a check from an investor, founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin found it necessary to file for incorporation as Google Inc., so that the check could be deposited.

In a relatively short space of time Google has become known throughout the world by billions of people and Stephanie Buck over on Mashable has put together some of the most significant moments in Google’s lifespan and we’d like to share some of those with you. It would be interesting to hear if you remember any of these markers in Google history. For instance Larry Page and Sergei Brin first worked on Google in a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki in Menlo Park, California and the first Google homepage, now familiar across the globe, appeared in November 1998. Now of course, many of you will be acquainted with the special Google Doodle’s that appear now and then on the Google homepage.

After moving office in 1999 to Mountain View, California, in 2000 Google then became the default search provider for Yahoo and reached the 1 billion URL milestone, establishing itself as the world’s largest service engine. Ad program AdWord was also launched enabling keyword advertising with search results. Google Image search followed in July 2001 with a catalog of a 250 million images and the content-targeted ad program AdSense came in 2003. April Fool’s Day 2004 saw the launch of Gmail and in August of the same year Google saw its IPO realize Class A common stock at $85 per share.

Google Maps, one of the most innovative and popular Google resources, came along in February 2005 and in June Google Earth was also launched. By 2006 Google acquired YouTube in a stock transaction worth $1.65 billion and in 2007 the Android platform for mobile devices was born, known for its ‘open’ tag. The open source browser Chrome, was introduced in 2008 and 2009 saw the new Wave venture although that was short-lived. Only last year we then saw the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace and more projects such as Google Buzz and Google TV soon followed.

Bringing us right up to date, June 2011 saw the launch of the latest social networking endeavor Google+ and Google also acquired Motorola Mobility in a deal worth $12.5 billion. It seems to us, rather incredible that one company could have achieved so much in just 13 years and we can only wonder at what the next few years will bring.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on Google. Can you imagine a world without Google? What do you imagine Google might attempt next? Let us know by sending us your comments. If just remains for us to say, Happy Birthday Google!

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  • Sydney @ Social Dynamics

    Wow, it’s been 13 years already? I seem to remember the first time that I knew and used the internet, I think I was 14, and I was so scared and confused about how to use it properly. Sigh, those are the days…