Police Say iPhone 5 Bar Loss Is A Hoax: Apple Publicity Stunt?

Reports flooded through yesterday that lighting had struck twice and an iPhone 5 prototype had been lost in a bar. The exact same thing happened in the run up to the iPhone 4 launch, where an Apple employee misplaced the treasure he was guarding. The smartphone was found and sold for $5000 to gadget website Gizmodo who leaked it online. New reports including those from police now say that there is no missing iPhone 5 prototype and it was never lost; is this just a classic publicity stunt?

Its inconceivable that not only was the first iPhone prototype lost, it could happen again. When the news broke that the iPhone 5 was lost in a bar it seemed like a planned action. You would think that after last year’s controversies any Apple employee taking care of the iPhone 5 would stay away from busy public places which could be potential lost and found zones. You would also think that said employee would double check the handset was still on their person before they left any premises.

According to The Inquirer, the prototype was left in a San Francisco Mexican restaurant. What was different from last time was that no one stepped forward and claimed to have found it, making this scenario even more farfetched. A shiny new iPhone sitting in a public eatery unattended would seemingly fall into anyone’s pocket, the only option being to sell it for an extortionate amount. The last men to sell an iPhone prototype found in a bar were charged by police.

This story seems as fake as the concept images you see above. It appears that this whole situation is a huge story that has been materialized for publicity, but by whom? Since the police have rubbished the story and said no iPhone 5 was ever lost or found, a variety of conspiracy theories have been drawn up. Many believe that this publicity stunt has been concocted by Apple, taking attention away from the Steve Jobs resignation, but that would make no real sense.

Beatweek Magazine reports that this could be the work of Apple’s competitors, an attempt to sabotage any form of unveil event they had scheduled. Some thought the Steve Jobs step down was a publicity stunt in itself, creating a huge Apple event which would see the iPhone 5 unmasked. Things are still very unclear at the moment with the most likely launch date looking to be October.

This could simply be the invention of reporters to stir things up and make a big story, one thing is for sure, not many people are buying it now. This hoax from the beginning did seem one that would be almost impossible to occur. Has this smokescreen distracted us from bigger plans that may be ready for execution? Let us know your thoughts on this iPhone 5 bar prank by leaving a comment.