Free New iPhone 5 Giveaway: Facebook Scams

When it comes to social networking we see a number of Facebook scams circulating where people are trying to obtain your personal details for further scams to be put upon you. We have heard about a few others where different pages are offering free new iPhone 5’s in a page giveaway, of course it’s just another Facebook scam.

The people behind these scams are very clever and use various world events and things that have happened to celebrities to try and lure you in. With the iPhone 5 being one of the most anticipated smartphones ever, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that there are a number of pages that have been setup to try and get hold of your personal details.

Anyone in the know about Apple and their products shouldn’t really fall for this scam as they will be aware that Apple certainly keeps things under wraps effectively. Although we have heard that an Apple employee has managed to lose an iPhone 5 prototype in a bar, which we seem to recall happened before. Something to remember if you ever come across any of the below example pages is, nobody really gets anything for free and if they do then it’s on the very odd occasion…

Over at Sophos their author Graham Cluley has added an article talking about how for every free iPad or iPhone given away, there are probably 10,000 fake ones and we think he is right. Above is a quick search and screenshot of the different pages that are popping up all the time and it’s so important not to add your personal information to these pages as you could be in for some further bad treatment at the end of the road. Check out our guide that will help you to get rid of any hoax pages and unwanted liked pages by clicking here.

Have you seen pages where there are free gifts being given away such as an iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments section below.