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Galaxy S II Late US Release: Benefits iPhone 5 /Droid Bionic /Neither?

September 1, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Certainly the three smartphones that are the focus of the tech world at the moment are the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Apple iPhone 5 and we have posted innumerable articles on each of these handsets. At last we have a certain or fairly good idea on when each will actually be released but today we wonder it the late arrival of the Galaxy S II (or S2) will benefit the Droid Bionic or the iPhone 5, or indeed neither.

In the U.S. consumers have had to wait far longer for the Galaxy S II than at first anticipated and at the beginning of July we were already discussing the fact that it may have missed the boat. After the Samsung event two days ago we finally know that it will indeed be hitting Sprint on September 16, AT&T on September 18 and sometime in the coming weeks for T-Mobile. However it has certainly lost any advantage it would have had with an earlier stateside release and it looks almost certain that the Droid Bionic coming to Verizon will beat it to the post.

The Droid Bionic rumored release date of September 8 has all but been confirmed by many leaks and also a TV ad, that we’re pretty sure we can take it as read. We’re less certain about the iPhone 5 but it’s widely believed that it will be released in the first half of October. We also told recently how the Bionic will benefit from the Galaxy S II not coming to Verizon as sales on Verizon would have been split more between these two phones. However we’re not yet sure if the Galaxy S II LTE version that has just been announced will come to Verizon. No release date or carrier details have yet been given for the LTE edition.

Back to the standard Galaxy S II though and as the release now looks to be so much closer to that of the iPhone 5, many may now hold on for the next iPhone instead rather than opt for the Galaxy S II. Another point to consider is that the Droid Bionic release was delayed but its specs will have seen an update before release, whereas the Galaxy S II is now a handset that is several months old. The iPhone 5 will have its own set of brand-new specs as well and regardless of individual specs many will want to feel that they have got the latest device. Of course there’s always the lure of Apple’s new iOS 5.0 expected to be coming to the iPhone 5 as well.

Thus, it seems that the Galaxy S II will have lost out on a certain amount of sales and the Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 are the likely recipients of those sales instead. However before we get too carried away, there’s a possibility that the Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 won’t benefit as much as we first think. We’ve already compared the upcoming LTE version of the Galaxy S II to two more impressive handsets on the way, the HTC Holiday and the HTC Vigor. Other notable-looking smartphones such as the Nexus Prime and HTC Eternity are also due out later this year. If the Galaxy S II had only launched earlier in the US it would have missed out on all this new competition.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Will you still be purchasing the Galaxy S II or has the wait made you turn your attention to another handset? Do you think the Droid Bionic or iPhone 5 will benefit most from the Galaxy S II not appearing earlier, or maybe you think all 3 could now miss out because of the newest cluster of upcoming smartphones? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Troy Alessi

    absolutely retarded. i have been wanting the Galaxy S2 since May, and we have been strung along believing a US release was imminent. I don’t think that these carriers (i.e. ATT, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint) have a real grasp on how smart consumers actually are. It is common knowledge that their business models are based upon quarterly advances, which means new phones are coming out every 90-120 days. The S2 was only competitive from March-August. Now that their is a whole new slew of phones to be released soon, the luster of the S2 has definitely faded in my eyes, especially with the announcement of the LTE version and the HD screen. It really irks me that I want to get a phone slighly ahead of the curve so I can get the sense it is going to last at least 2-3yrs (and still be a decent phone at the end of that time). I like Samsung, which is why i got the Eternity 2+yrs ago, but I do not want to commit to a new phone, when I know the next best thing is 3mos from being released.

  • Robert Xiong

    Definitely agreed that the SGS2 has lost its momentum. I have been following the SGS2 since I found rumors about it in January of this year. It has taken way too long to finally reach the US, even after reaching Europe about 4-5 months ago. Way too long and I am less than 50/50 on getting the device now, as compared a 4 months ago, 3 months ago or even 1 month ago.

  • Loi Seng

    I am like you I wanted the SGS2 since April, but now the iphone5 is almost out I can wait just a little longer for more options. The lust for SGS2 has gone for me and I hope that Samsung will learn a valuable lesson to not string smart consumers along with their over zealous marketing games thinking that they have created something better than an iPhone based on their 5mils sold in 30 days results.

  • Epat

    I will still get the G S2 as it is probably hands down the most impressive 4g Phone on the T-mobile network. iPhones are so over rated, mind you I use to sell them for AT&T. And even though I am a Mac user and love Apple, the bloody thing won’t come to T-mobile this year. So giving Samsung some love, I will get the Galaxy S2 from T-mobile when its released. Hopefully before the end of September, crossing fingers!!!