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New Zealand Source Claims Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Is Oct 9th

August 31, 2021 | Matt Tran

By now we expect some of you are probably tearing your hair out over the secrecy and lack of information over Apple’s iPhone 5. Many believed we could see it arrive in September and this theory was strengthened after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO last week, a huge double event expected. No such announcement has been made yet, however gadgets website Tech Day exclusively claim that they have the iPhone 5 launch date in New Zealand.

Various release dates ranging from early September to 2012 have been thrown around, but this predicted one of October 9th seems plausible. Tech Day claims that this launch date for New Zealand comes from sources within Apple so it may have some credibility, obviously there is no solid evidence but its by no means an obscene rumor. This date fits in with the predicted time frame for the smartphones launch.

If there is any truth to these claims then it seems that New Zealand will have the iPhone 5 in early-mid October, will this be the same for other countries? We know that companies like to offer their products to different countries on different dates, just look at Samsung with the Galaxy S II which will now support LTE. I think that the US will be Apple’s biggest priority if history is anything to go by, it may launch there a little earlier. Sprint employees have been given a memo instructing them not to disclose any information on them offering the iPhone 5.

September is upon us so it could only be a month or so until we see the iPhone 5, Apple are leaving it late but it should most definitely be available in the run up to Christmas. At the moment we only have this source’s word to go on but it seems a reasonable date that could have truth to it. I doubt Apple would want to drag out the launch, especially considering their competitors like Samsung and Motorola are preparing to launch flagship rival models. We reported to you recently that the handset will likely feature a smaller screen around the same size as the iPhone 4.

According to Beat Week the iPhone 5 will not be getting a post labor day launch, the predicted September 7th date surely going out the window. With this month or so extra wait, it could open a small door for an LTE version of the iPhone 5, but we are not getting our hopes up. To the surprise of many the Samsung Galaxy S II will feature 4G despite many doubting it so it will give some iPhone fans hope. Verizon will likely reject the smartphone though and exclusively carry the Samsung Droid Prime. Whats your view on this, will you wait for the iPhone 5 or go with an Android handset instead?

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