Galaxy S II Confirmed US Variants: Release Dates, Names, Price

We’ve been keeping our readers informed about all the developments for the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S II release for some time now and at the Samsung event which took place yesterday evening, we finally received official confirmation of what to expect. The stateside Galaxy S II (sometimes referred to as Galaxy S2) is now official and we have all the details for you one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones for some time, including release news, names and price.

We’ve been giving you all the details of rumors and speculation and much of it turned out to be accurate including the news that Sprint will be the first carrier to release it’s Galaxy S II variant in the US, although the date was out by a week. We had already informed you that to the disappointment of many Verizon would not be carrying the Galaxy S II despite previous speculation that it would be available on all four carriers and following that showed the first picture of the other 3 variants for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

News from the Samsung event is now in and we can confirm that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will all carry the Galaxy S II this fall. AS expected the T-Mobile variant will have a larger 4.5-inch display. It was previously dubbed the Hercules but now seems to be sticking with the Galaxy S II title. The Sprint variant will also have a larger 4.5-inch display and will be called the Epic 4G Touch. As for the AT&T variant, this will also keep the Galaxy S II name (instead of the rumored Attain) and will keep the standard 4.3-inch display of other Galaxy S II models. We can’t imagine that AT&T customers will be too upset about that as the carrier already offers the Samsung Infuse 4G with a 4.5-inch screen for those who want a larger display.

News that Sprint customers will indeed be the first to get their hands on a US Galaxy S II comes to us from Bonnie Cha over on Cnet. Sprint will release the Epic 4G Touch on September 16, so not much longer to wait, at a price of $199.99 on the usual two-year contract. AT&T stated a release for the coming weeks while T-Mobile would go no further than saying a release will come in the fall. The latter two carriers have not revealed their pricing yet either. UPDATE - Gotta Be Mobile now states that AT&T will be releasing its Galaxy S II on September 18.

It looks as though the next few weeks in the US smartphone market will be exciting times as not only will these Galaxy S II’s be coming but we also expect to see the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic and Apple iPhone 5. You may also be interested in the Galaxy S II LTE edition, which was only announced at the weekend and our recent comparison of the Galaxy S II LTE, HTC Holiday and HTC Vigor.

What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S II heading stateside at last? We think a $200 price on contract from Sprint seems pretty reasonable but what do you think? Let us know with your comments.

  • Ricardo Peralta

    I guess $200 looks good…I just hope AT&T doesn’t get on its high horse and decide to charge us another $50 or $100…just because it’s AT&T