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Hoax Twitter Accounts to Brighten Your Day: Tech & Social Media

August 29, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Last month we brought you some details about spoof Twitter accounts from fiction and to brighten your day today we have some details for you about more hoax Twitter accounts worth following, this time from the worlds of tech and social media.

Although much of our time here at OSM is spent looking at the more serious sides of social media involvement, such as marketing, online tools and business, we should all make time at some point in our busy days to look at the lighter side of Twitter. Over on Mashable, Amy-Mae Elliott, has rounded up some excellent spoof Twitter accounts from the web and we thoughts we’d give you some details about our favorites.

Whether you’re a fan of the Google Android platform or not, if you’re a tech enthusiast you will appreciate the Android PR Twitter account. Listed as being from the Mountain of Cash, California the account includes the tag, “Yes, it’s a parody account. Though it would be ironic if Google accused me of not being open about that.” That’s a witty opener if ever we saw one and the tweets are pretty funny too. Take a look at the link for more.

There’s a great phony account for Stephen Elop too (Nokia CEO). As if the guy hasn’t enough to contend with his spoof account, Fake Stephen Elop, has such legendary tweets as “Hard at work on the launch of the Nokia N9. We think it will be a real hit in Luxembourg.” Biting but funny stuff. Julian Assange, notorious WikiLeaks founder, is another who comes in for some spoof attention with the Twitter account, Julian Ass. One tweet for instance reads, “CONFIRMED: The Hamburglar has NEVER stolen ham and is NOT from Hamburg. McDonalds are LIARS!”

Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg also comes in for some stick with the Not Mark Zuckerberg account. The clever intro says, “My story is everyone’s story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy makes social network, girl and 750 million others join social network.” If only! Along a similar vein is Fake Facebook PR. Finally we’ll leave you with the very funny, ATT Parody Relations. The bio reads, “Covering the USA, kind of…” and not-so-subtle tweets include, “BREAKING: Verizon iPhone will break your heart, steal your truck and kill your dog.” For more check out the full article over at the Mashable link above

We hope you enjoy these suggestions. We’d like to hear what you think about any of these fake (real!) Twitter accounts and if you have any others great phony accounts from the worlds of social media and tech then please share them with us by sending your comments.

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  • Laura A. Kelly

    Any and all of the Harry Potter RP accounts are great, notably @Lord_Voldemort7 and @Evil_Dumbledore. There’s also a bunch of funny ones out there for fans of A Very Potter Musical/Sequel - parodies of parodies. Ha!

    I’ve always enjoyed @FakeAPStylebook as well.