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HTC Vigor Photos Leaked: Verizon Answer to Missing Galaxy S II?

August 27, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been detailing information for some weeks on the HTC Vigor, from leaked specs including an HD screen, to discussing it as a credible Apple iPhone 5 alternative. Today we have news of the first leaked photos of the HTC Vigor and we’re now wondering if this could be Verizon’s answer to the missing Samsung Galaxy S II.

Two days ago we told of the shock news that Verizon would NOT be carrying the Galaxy S II (S2) as previously thought, news that disappointed many Verizon customers who had been waiting. However the HTC Vigor is looking very promising and if it does indeed have 4G LTE support as expected, it could well make up for the lack of a Verizon Galaxy S II and also be a rival to the Motorola Droid Bionic. Rumored specs so far for the HTC Vigor include a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch HD display, 16GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM. The rear camera will be 8-megapixels and there will be a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, along with Beats by Dre technology, all running on Android 2.3.4.

News of the leaked images of the HTC Vigor come to us from Kellex over on Droid-Life and it looks pretty impressive from what we can see. A rumored release date is October 6 and the pictures confirm HTC Sense as was expected and also show the front camera at the top right. Droid-Life refers to the styling as like an “Incredible on steroids” but notes the lack of a 4G LTE logo. However, as the leaked image doesn’t show a Verizon logo either, that’s probably nothing to worry about.

Readers of Droid-Life have also pointed out that the colors also suggest a DROID branding and that leads the site to wonder if the Vigor could even end up as the Incredible HD so we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Chris Burns over on SlashGear also reports on the leaked images of the HTC Vigor and notes that it has been referred to as a replacement for the HTC Thunderbolt. We’d be pretty amazed if when the Vigor becomes official, it’s not touting LTE as we all expect.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the HTC Vigor. Do you think this smartphone will be a credible alternative to the Galaxy S II if you were waiting for it on Verizon? Maybe you’ll head to Verizon’s other upcoming LTE device, the Droid Bionic instead? Why not let us know with your comments.

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