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Steve Jobs’ Resignation Could Help iPhone 5 Launch: Event Imminent?

August 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

With the world still recovering from the news that Steve Jobs is no longer the boss of Apple, it has made us think of the positives that could come from this. Before we found out that Mr Apple had resigned, the next biggest news from the company was regarding the iPhone 5. The mysterious handset is expected to launch in September/October, but many now think it will be delayed indefinitely, others including myself believe the opposite.

Rather than let down its huge base of fans, I think Apple will use the Steve Jobs situation as an opportunity to shine. According to Beat Week, invites could be sent out for a press event as soon as next week, with 2 announcements being expected. Firstly the formal goodbye of Steve Jobs and finally the unveil of the iPhone 5. It is likely that despite spending plenty of time on medical leave, Jobs played an instrumental role in its development.

The manner in which the announcement was made looks strategically planned. The Wednesday midweek reveal of the resignation should last until the weekend, being old news by next week. This leaves next Monday and onwards as free opportunities for a fresh announcement. It has been also suggested that Jobs’ decision to step down had been made some time ago but was held back specifically to coincide very close to the iPhone 5′s launch time.

The next big question is this, will Jobs unveil the iPhone 5 as his last act of Apple glory? Or will next CEO Tim Cook show the crowds he’s the new boss and take over from Jobs at the event? Personally I would love to see Steve do it as it would be a fitting end to his iconic career at Apple. If it was the decision of the Apple staff then its likely Jobs will do it as he received a 97% positive approval rating from employees, T3 reports.

As you know, Jobs will still play a big part in Apple’s future as he has taken up the new role of chairman. Tim Cook has already sent out his first letter to his staff, insisting Apple will keep its values and wont change. The new CEO promised the company will continue to deliver the world’s best products and delight their customers. Lets hope this happens with the iPhone 5 and those invites are being printed as we speak. Let us know what you think on this by leaving a comment. Are Apple about to stage a huge 2 in 1 event?

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  • dan ikonen

    is that wat the iphone 5 will look like?