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Concept Features For The Apple iPhone 5: Do You Want Them?

August 25, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The world has their eyes on Apple as we recently heard that Steve Jobs has resigned! This is amazing news just months before the release of their next smartphone release and I personally can’t picture an Apple event where Steve Jobs doesn’t march onto the stage with their new device ready to be revealed. Thinking about the new Apple iPhone 5 (if that’s what they will call it) there’s been a lot of talk about its functionality and we found a great concept video to share with you and we want to know if they are features that you would want?

There have been a lot of features talked about with Apple’s next flagship smartphone but the truth of it is, nobody really knows what it will have. Speculation is a wonderful thing and it lets companies know what sort of thing the consumers want but it doesn’t mean every device speculated about will then receive those features.

The video that we found on iClarified shows a few really cool and clever ideas. The first one is something that was trialed by many companies long ago and that’s a laser keyboard that projects onto a surface using light to determine which key you have pressed. This would be an amazing addition to a full touchscreen smartphone if you could have a full keyboard at your disposal as it would appeal to more audiences.

The original source that reported on the video is Pocket-lint where their author talks about the other features that are found in the video. One of those features is an ultra-thin design with a stretched screen that spans across the device and the last one being perhaps one of the most exciting for future smartphones, is a holographic screen so you can watch movies on your phone but in on a larger screen. Of course, these are all concept features and we will have to wait and see what the real iPhone 5 has to offer.

In the mean time, head to the bottom of the article and watch the clever video, once you’ve watched it, let us know in the comments section what you thought of it.

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  • Jubiina

    how much is the new iphone 5?