Activision Unveil CoD Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Glasses: 3D?

November 8th is the big blood splattered date marked in all gamers’ diaries, marking the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The game is not on sale for a good 3 months, but plenty of gaming accessories are already being made available to enhance your experience. Activision has unveiled a cool new set of gaming glasses which should help add comfort to your battles. This adds to MW3 adding support for color blind players.

We have already seen Turtle Beach offering a MW3 branded headset, and now Gunnar Optics has teamed up with Activision to offer this Call of Duty eyewear. The new specs actually look like a normal pair of sunglasses but they are specifically designed to aid your eyes during the heat of battle. As any online multiplayer gamers will know, eyesight is a hugely important element to being successful at the game with a split second at times being the difference between getting the kill or being killed.

According to T3, the gaming glasses “create a more comfortable and rich visual experience, improving a gamers’ visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery, while combating eye fatigue during extending hours of gaming”. These are features that the eye gear offer, costing $99 a pair. They must be good to cost over twice the price of the game itself. Each year a special edition version of the game comes out, including a limited edition gadget. In previous years we have seen night vision goggles and a remote control car, could these glasses be this year’s?

The Escapist reports that the glasses will be available to pre-order from Best Buy at the end of August. We have so far not heard of these glasses offering any 3D properties, a feature which some gamers are in the dark over. Black Ops featured 3D support and it is still unconfirmed as to whether Modern Warfare 3 will also do so. If it does then for $99 I would expect these Call of Duty branded gaming glasses to show me the 3rd dimension also. Let us know your thoughts on these glasses and if you will be buying a pair to add to your loadout.

  • Dmgsd

    whoever posted this is stupid. It’s not possible for a 2D screen to show a 3D image without a 3D Television. Simple As.