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iPhone 5 May Support 4G LTE After All: Apple iOS 5 Code Hint

August 24, 2021 | Matt Tran

More and more details are slowly being unraveled from Apple’s mystery iPhone 5, especially in terms of carriers and potential features. My colleague Debbie Turner recently reported to you that Sprint will be offering the upcoming device, but in mid October opposed to the expected September launch date. The 5th gen iPhone has been revealed as a “world phone” as it supports both network modes of CDMA and GSM. Many have pretty much given up on 4G LTE support from the iPhone 5, but another little light of hope has been lit.

Beat Week has reported that the beta testing version of iOS 5 includes code for supporting LTE-enabled device, meaning the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 could both enjoy super fast wireless. The iPad 3 more likely as it is set to launch later in the first quarter of 2012. Nothing is definite but this discovery will give a small glimmer of hope to those who are desperate for a 4G iPhone 5. It has been confirmed that Apple are indeed testing an iPhone with 4G support, but it is widely expected LTE will come too late for the 5 and more likely come with the 6th model.

Network operators AT&T, Verizon, and now Sprint are all reportedly set to offer the iPhone 5. All of these providers have their own 4G LTE networks so there is the potential for lighting quick wireless, 10 times the speed of 3G. It is very interesting to see 4G involved in iOS 5 at this stage, but the recent find may be purely for testing purposes. One of the iPhone 5′s biggest competitors, the Droid Bionic will support 4G with the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S II also being unlikely.

According to Mac World, 4G LTE code was found in an internal iOS test build that was sent to “one of Apple’s major carrier partners.” The code, a property list file (.plist) for LTE, has now reportedly been discovered in the last few developer builds of iOS 5, hinting that it could become a permanent feature of the mobile software expected out in September. Just to add fuel to the fire, 4G LTE testing equipment was supposedly spotted in one of Apple’s stores in America.

Whether the iPhone 5 will be equipped with 4G is still as unclear as when the smartphone will actually launch. As you will know, 4G enabled devices require a larger chip which bulks up the size of the handset. Apple will want to keep their super slim iPhone design, with their COO Tim Cook saying that “first gen LTE chipsets compromised the handsets design and they would not be willing it change this”. It looks like we will have to revert back to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4G rumors for the time being. Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment.

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  • Jraphael25

    4G is just as good. LTE speeds are around the same as 4g cause no devices are that high speed capable.