Red Arrow crashes during air show Video - FB Scam

Even with the introduction of Google+ Facebook is still rolling along as the largest social network we have. With that being the case we are constantly seeing different Facebook scams popping up all over the place, they normally target high profile names or different events. Now we have another one to tell you about and it’s titled “Red Arrow crashes during air show Video.”

There’s a load of different messages being attached to a wall post and if you click on the play button of the video then you will have been likejacked. What this means is you will have liked a specific Facebook page without even knowing it, but this is a scam with a difference as explained over on

Normally what happens is when you follow through with the scam you are directed to a page that’s external to Facebook, this one doesn’t… Somehow the scammers have managed to keep everything within Facebook and when you click on the scam, you are taken to a Facebook page; more specifically the video section of it and it shows what looks like an embedded video.

Unfortunately this is all part of the scam, what happens when you click on it is you are presented with the survey scam. This is the point that the crooks have been wanting you to get to from the start and the number of people that have liked the page is growing. Now you will be wondering how to get rid of the page…

The first thing you have to do is visit the page again (CLICK HERE FOR THE PAGE) and then click on the “Unlike” button along the top. If it’s also showing on your Facebook wall then hit the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the wall post and then select “Report Post or Spam” then you might want to follow our guide that will help you remove any other unwanted hoax or liked Facebook pages. Keep an eye out for more scams like this and using this method as there will undoubtedly be more and if you see any then tell us the title of it in the comments section below.

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