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Beta RIM BlackBerry Music Service September: Fully-Fledged Fall

August 21, 2021 | Debbie Turner

There have been reports recently of a new music service from RIM and there are now some unconfirmed details leaking through on this service, for now dubbed BlackBerry Music. It’s no secret that RIM is trying to appeal to more general consumers than the enterprise market and the BlackBerry Messenger music service is the latest endeavor to revive BlackBerry fortunes.

It looks as though users will be able to access 50 songs per month at a price of $5, which they will then be able to share with other friends touting BlackBerry’s, although they also need to be signed for the service. The news comes to us from Christopher Trout over on Engadget, sourced from All Things D, and it looks as though it could be ready to launch as early as this fall in the US, Canada and UK, while other regions are more likely to see BlackBerry Music in 2012. A beta version of BlackBerry Music is likely to hit the first three regions in early September.

One snag would appear to be that unless users also have a BlackBerry PlayBook they will be unable to port their music and we can’t imagine that too many BlackBerry users who will want the music service will also be PlayBook owners. Over on Apple Insider, Josh Ong points out that RIM is targeting the subscription BBM Music service at reviving interest in BlackBerry Messenger functionality, which has been one of the platform’s highlights.

It may not be quite the savior that RIM hopes for however, considering competition from Apple’s iCloud and other developments such as the Google Music Beta service, Spotify and Rdio. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on BlackBerry Music? Would you be willing to jump on board the new service? Let us know with your comments.

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