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Twitter’s Sadness Shown For Red Arrows Loss

August 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers by the day and at the last count over 250 million people were joining the site. Having launched in 2006, the popular Twitter allows those to follow their favorite celebrity or friends, message or tweet as its known and so on. In the past here at OSM, we’ve brought you a variety of articles including those of birth announcements, famous names letting off some steam at one another, music artists such as Lady Gaga publicising a forthcoming album or the saddened news of an individual who has passed away and so on.

Unfortunately this evening, its the latter that we’ll giving you news on. Earlier today, one of the world’s most famous flying aerobatic teams, the Red Arrows were giving one of their spectacular displays as they always do, to a crowd at the Bournemouth Air Festival in Dorset, England. In what started out as a joyous occasion ended up with deepened upset as it became known, that one of the RAF Red Arrow pilot’s had been killed following his plane crashing.

As the reported, Flt Lt Jon Egging nicknamed by his flying squad as “Eggman,” was killed outright when his Hawk TI aircraft or Red number 4 crashed 1km south east of Bournemouth Airport at 13.50 BST. With a full investigation to be carried out, a handful of eyewitnesses have come forward and explained what they saw.

One said that they saw the plane fall out of the sky to the ground in a field near the River Stour at the nearby Throop village. Others commented that they saw the Red Arrows flying over but one looked lower than the rest. A cracking sound was heard with people realising that the plane had actually landed with its red tail up in the air and its nose part in the river.

Pilot Egging was spoken of highly and Group Captain Simon Blake said that he was “A true team player, his good nature and constant smile will be sorely missed by all.”

Tonight Twitter has been inundated with comments of sadness, with many leaving tributes and messages to Egging and those left behind. One tweet said,” The Red Arrows crash has shaken me. Never do I feel more proud and patriotic when I’m watching those guys. A sad loss of life. RIP.”

Another said, “Very sad about the loss of the red arrows pilot. Only saw them a few weeks ago. Thoughts go out to his friends and family and of course RA.”

Lastly one tweet that caught our eye read, “So sad to hear of the Red Arrows crash today. Accidents can happen even to the best of us.. Still, it’s good he died doing what he loved.”

Tell us whether you watched the Red Arrows today or even recently and where? Please feel free to leave your comments and messages in the box below.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen the Red Arrows a number of times in my life and met the team at the time when I was about 10. They are a true example of British heritage and something we can all be truly proud of. The most recent time a saw them was a phenomenal display at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July. The weather was sporadic, torrential rain over one half of the track and baking sun over the other, didn’t phase these guys though, they were truly remarkable as always and I imagine Plt Egging was among them. A very sad loss for Britain and the RAF, my thoughts go out to his friends, family and colleagues. I’m sure you’re very proud of all he has achieved.