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Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G on Sprint First? September 9 Rumor

August 20, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We knew that an awful lot of our readers are waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) in the US and recently gave an information roundup for the US. Today we have news that it may be the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S II, the Epic Touch 4G, which could see the light of day first with a leaked release date of September 9.

You’ll no doubt all have heard by now that Samsung is holding an invitational product launch on August 29 for the Galaxy S II stateside and we expect the release on all the major carriers shortly afterwards. The Epic Touch 4G will be headed to Sprint, the Hercules with a larger 4.5-inch display is for T-Mobile. Less is known about the Verizon and AT&T models. The Verizon Galaxy S II has had various names such as Function and Stratosphere bandied about and more recently we heard that the Celox may be the Verizon variant with 4G LTE. For AT&T the Galaxy S II has been dubbed the Attain though this is also unconfirmed.

News of an actual speculated release date for the Sprint Galaxy S II, the Epic Touch 4G comes from Brad Molen over on Engadget, sourced from SprintFeed. Sprintfeed also notes the official title is now Epic Touch 4G rather than Epic 4G Touch as initially thought. The September 9 release date given for the Epic Touch 4G from a “heavy piece of intel,” would certainly beat T-Mobile’s Hercules Galaxy S II to release if rumors of an October 26 release for the Hercules are accurate. Smartphone observers may query that September 9 is a Friday rather than a Sunday, the usual choice of launch day for Sprint, but as the Sunday would be the anniversary of 9/11 a change of day would be understandable.

The same source of the September 9 release date for the Sprint Galaxy S II also told Sprintfeed that it would be the first carrier to release the S II in the U.S. We have no details of Galaxy S II US price as yet but over on TFTS, Chris Smith speculates a price of around $249.99 on contract based on the price of the Epic 4G at launch. Are you a Sprint customer waiting for the arrival of the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G and pleased at the thought you may be getting your hands on it before other carrier’s customers? Let us know with your comments.

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