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2011 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Missed: Do You Agree?

August 20, 2021 | Debbie Turner

It may only be day three of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 but the amount of attention the series is getting is a good sign for new host Channel 5 and presenter Brian Dowling. Although many of us are already hooked on the daily goings on of the celebs including Kerry Katona, Jedward and Paddy (though I can’t understand a word he says), there are also a lot of people, including myself, who are really missing the live feed. The situation is becoming more and more lively and increasingly Big Brother viewers are taking to Twitter and forums to plead for 24-hour a day broadcasting.

On Channel 5’s own Big Brother website most of the viewer comments at present are about the lack of live feed with many frustrated viewers. One states that not having the live feed will prove a huge error to the success of this series while another viewer points out that without the live feed BB will not work and with only 1 hour of highlights every night it’s not enough to satisfy viewer appetites.

Over on Metro, Emma Gritt tells how viewers in their hundreds are complaining on Twittter about the lack of Celebrity BB live feed and are demanding uncensored access. Viewers are hoping that by putting pressure on Channel 5 and the show’s producers, they will concede and make more content available to fans. One viewer Mark L09 tweeted, “HOW can we get channel 5 to give us the live stream? We made ch4 give it back, let’s force ch 5!” Another, Jonathanwpurvis pleaded, “Any one got a live stream for Big Brother I really am getting the shakes help an addict.”

When Channel 5 confirmed there would be no live feed available for Celebrity Big Brother it said in a statement shown on ATVToday, “This year we have decided to focus on the nightly highlights show and on directly engaging with the show’s viewers through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and specially created iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The aim is to reflect the habits of our audience today and we believe that prioritising social media is the way to get people involved in the show.”

If you wish to follow Celebrity Big Brother with Twitter and Facebook, hit on these links which will take you straight to the official pages but we reckon although this is a nice extra, it hardly replaces live feeding as Channel 5 seems to suggest. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Celebrity Big Brother with no live feeding is not Big Brother at all - True or False? Let us have your comments.

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  • Keith Flavell

    no feed no 5 had a golden oppitunity with could have been a massive sucsess but with only an hour air time..i wont be watching anymore..i,m a bb fan but i cant just watch only an hour..waste of time.put it right channel 5 before its to late..if you dont you,l have no viewers. as for the celebrities…well all i can say is were the hell did you dredge half of them nicky graham said WHO ARE THEY?

  • Ryan O’Riordan

    I need to get obsessed with it to care about the Z-listers that are in the house and with only 40 minutes a day (considering ads) of day-old ‘highlights’ which aren’t suited to when I’m available to actually watch the show, I have to wonder what the point of it all is. God help the ‘normal people’ going in in 3 weeks time. Because who’s actually going to care to go out their way to watch an edited show when it’ll take a good fortnight to learn everyone’s names?
    Without the live stream Big Brother becomes live every other reality show only a damnsight less interesting. It’s only the most famous house in Britain because you’re supposed to be able to see into it any time you want. Twitter doesn’t fit the bill (140 characters or less? You’re having a laugh) and the taunting video clips feel far from subjective at best.
    I could literally rant forever about the lack of live feed. The only thing that made this programme unique has been sucked out of it. Channel 5 will be cancelling big brother before the year is over and we’ll be forgetting about 5′s attempt to make it big. Has this happened before? Oh yeah - Channel 4 had Friends. Then Channel 5 had…I forget now - was there a spinoff to Friends?
    Guess not.
    Guess Big Brother really did end last year.

  • Can’twatchwithoutlivefeed

    NEED LIVE FEED!!!! Its rubbish without it.