First Ever Digital Binoculars: Sony Brings 3D Recording, Zoom & More

Sony are really trying to put on a show for many of its fans at the moment with a number of high profile gadgets being announced. Yesterday we told you about their 3D TV made specifically for PS3 gaming and now we are going to give you a look at their digital binoculars which are reportedly the first pair in the world. Not only are these binoculars digital, they come with a host of features including 3D recording.

Sony is set to launch 2 pairs of these exclusive binoculars in November, the DEV-5 and DEV-3 models. These gadget appears to be the ultimate companion to any sightseers, explorers or just tech enthusiasts. Both sets are capable of full high definition 3D recording and stereo sound with the ability to capture still images also an being an option, Tech Radar reports. Sony are packing binoculars, camera, camcorder and GPS geotagging all in one!

One of the main differences between the DEV-5 and DEV-3 is that 5 has the ability for expandable optical zoom of up to 20x. The 3 can only zoom to a maximum magnification of 10x. Both sets use electronic autofocus to keep even moving objects constantly sharp, where traditional binoculars use manual focus. For all you old school owners though, there is still a dial included for manual focus adjustment.

Both the DEV-5 and DEV-3 use optical Steadyshot which is also found with Handycam camcorders and Cyber-shot cameras. This ensures the image is always kept still even when the binoculars are being used at a high magnification. Sony’s gadget also includes an autofocus feature that can be used from as close as 1cm away when shooting in 2D, or 80cm away when recording in 3D.

It has been reported that the binoculars have the ability to capture still images in 4:3 ratio at 7.1 megapixels, while 16:9 ratio images can be captured at 5.4 megapixels. Whats more is that on the DEV-5, pictures and video clips can be geotagged automatically via the on-board GPS receiver. You can view these after in online maps.

The binoculars are also highly convenient and can easily be connected to your other devices. Sony has given them the ability to be quickly connected to a TV via HDMI cable, 3D videos and still images can be played back on 3D-compatible BRAVIA models, PC connectivity is naturally included via USB. According to Cnet, we should be seeing these gadgets hit the market in November, priced at $1,400 for the DEV-3 and $2,000 DEV-5. Let us know your thoughts on these breakthrough gadgets and if you will be splashing the cash on a pair.