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Apple iPad 3 Release Date Looking Like Q1 2012: Specs Update

August 19, 2021 | Matt Tran

Behind the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 is the second most anticipated device that Apple will release in the future. Rumors fly around every day about possible specs, prices and release dates, and we have another one for you. Multiple reports are saying that Apple has initiated trial production on the iPad 3 and parts have been ordered, strongly hinting at an early 2012 launch.

The hugely popular and successful iPad was first launched by Apple back in March 2010, the follow up tablet coming in March of this year. Based on a report by the Wall Street Journal, it would seem that this March launch date will continue and the iPad 3 will show its face at the end of the first quarter of 2012. Apple has not yet commented on these reports yet but we all know they will keep quiet as always.

One of Apple’s suppliers has claimed that the Cupertino based outfit has placed a new large order for components. Parts like chips and touch panels have reportedly been ordered from manufacturers; iPad 3 is expected to be bigger and far more advanced than its predecessor with an OLED screen also being predicted. Firstly the tablet will feature a 9.7 inch screen, an increase on the iPad 2′s 9.5 inch display. The screen will come with a super high resolution of 2048×1536, again beefed up from the 2′s 1024×768 display, T3 reports.

Production of the iPad 3 will begin in October if reports are accurate, with the supplier claiming Apple has ordered components for 1.5 million iPad 3s in the fourth quarter of 2011. Most of Apple’s products are manufactured in Asia by specialists based on their designs. Companies like Foxconn hire millions of employees and labor costs are significantly lower in Taiwan and China. Foxconn’s bad employee treatment record has actually led them to start investing in robots to cut back on workers.

We actually thought the iPad 3 may get a surprise launch in the final quarter of 2011 but orders were apparently cancelled. Again if these rumors from reputable sources are true, the components have been re-ordered. So it seems for now we have a good indication of when Apple’s 3rd tablet will launch, mark the whole month of March in your diaries. Now just for the small matter of the iPhone 5, September the what…?

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