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Anonymous Officially Abandon Facebook Threat… For Now

August 19, 2021 | Matt Tran

We brought you the news last week that firstly Anonymous had a plan to destroy Facebook and then secondly that a large part of the organization had stepped away from this threat. ANON has now confirmed collectively via Twitter that the attack will not go ahead on the scheduled date of Guy Fawkes night, however the hacktivist group has not ruled out another assault in the future.

The grand plan was codenamed “OpFacebook” and it seems that it was individual Anonymous members who had launched the threat, opposed to Anonymous as a whole. The hackers which run the Twitter account @OP_Facebook has now admitted that they will not go ahead with the plan, but spreading the word is good enough for now. PC Mag reports that the loosely affiliated group may be using this newer announcement as a smokescreen for something bigger.

Unless an Anonymous member has had a moment of honesty, it seems odd that they would admit defeat in this kind of way. The hacking group are normally ruthless and extremely confident in their abilities to infiltrate huge organizations, so even more suspicion is added to this whole scenario. The tweet on the OpFacebook feed reads: “”ok im making one thing clear here, We Cant Take Facebook Down…Yet. This is an awareness campaign and spreading the word is good enough.”

Maybe Anonymous currently do not possess the skills to destroy the massive social networking service, it does not seem to be a thing they would admit. Matters are made interesting by the “yet” addition, hinting that a future attack could be on the cards when the full Anonymous force has been readied. You may be aware that the famous hacker George Hotz (GeoHot) works for Facebook, possibly being a factor as to why they are reluctant to attack now. We were expecting a real clash between the hackers, but it looks like we will be left disappointed.

The reason Anonymous wanted to “kill” Facebook in the first place was for breaching users privacy. So for now it looks like the only big bang on the 5th November is going to be the fireworks, it seems this attack was overly hyped and has become a real anti-climax. This is by no means the last we have seen of Anonymous but they may have just lost a lot of respect for aiming up the big target and not pulling the trigger.

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