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Google Ready To Defend Jokers $500 Billion Lawsuit Claim

August 18, 2021 | Matt Tran

If you thought Facebook were having a bad time having to defend themselves from ridiculous lawsuits then you should see what Google has on their hands. A man named David Stebbins has made a crazy claim that the search engine giant owes him $500 billion! Stebbins decided to create his own terms of service on YouTube and it is one of the most bizarre legal claims we have ever seen.

Before we tell you exactly what Stebbins is claiming, you may want to know that he has a history of this kind of thing, Tech Dirt reports. The trickster pursued Wallmart for $600 billion, making a variety of odd claims which are still unclear and have certainly not been taken seriously. Stebbins “scam” is based on the rules on Google’s video site YouTube. “[YouTube's terms of service] state that the terms can be unilaterally modified at any time. If the other party does not wish to accept the new terms, they may sever the contractual relationship.” These terms were modified and I bet you can guess who by.

Stebbins has stated that he decided to take YouTube up on their offer and sent them an email informing them of his new terms of service. The new rules were hideously unfair and the complete opposite of what a term of service would constitute. Basically the joker said that if Google did not accept his offer of arbitration within 24 hours then he would automatically win regardless of merit, oh and this condition only applies to him by the way.

Next Stebbins claimed that because YouTube did not terminate his account within 30 days and then reply to his arbitration request within 24 hours, YouTube had “accepted” his terms of service. The delusional man has since claimed he is due $500 billion from Google and the courts will be obliged to rule in his favor. Just to add to the humor, Stebbins even made a spelling mistake in his modified contract. “If you even so much as attempt to litigate a case with me, even if that attempt is unsuccessful you automatically loose that case”.

I would honestly not want to “loose” a case so if I was Google I would get a move on and roll the lawyers into the courtroom to bat this ridiculous claim away for a home run. Let us know your thoughts on this man’s claim, should it even be considered as a serious lawsuit?

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