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Droid Bionic More Real: New Release Date Rumor August 26 & Price

August 18, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The Motorola Droid Bionic is still the subject of an awful lot of tech discussion and we know that many of our readers are still hanging on waiting for it on Verizon. We have a glimmer of good news today that may please many of you and that is that we may be seeing the release a little earlier than expected. A new rumored release date of August 26 has emerged and the Droid Bionic now seems more real than ever as pricing has also leaked.

Just in the last couple of days we’ve seen new photos of the Bionic alongside the Droid HD and told how it looks like both the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S II would hit the launch pad before the Apple iPhone 5 and now it seems even more likely. A few days ago we also told of some further intrigue about the Bionic as Motorola had updated its ‘coming soon’ message about the Bionic, saying that it was still expected to launch in September and promising more details to be revealed soon.

The possibility of an August release instead comes to us from Phil Nickinson over on Android Central showing a document that appears to show that at least one Verizon store has already received stock. The SKU that has been revealed shows a listing for the Motorola Droid Bionic with its XT875 number. The price of $587 is also revealed on the SKU, which is obviously the full price without rebate or subsidies. There’s no telling yet what a contract price will be but Android Central forecasts a price of around $249.

At the same time the site’s source has passed on a possible release date of August 26 but for now of course we shall just have to wait and see. Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile also reports on this latest information and speculates an eventual full retail price of a rounded up $600 with a $300 on-contract price. Mills also notes that August 26 sounds like a slightly odd release date as it’s a Friday and would vary with Verizon’s normal pattern of releasing new smartphones on a Thursday. However because the Droid Bionic looks ready to go nobody would be surprised if it was decided to release it earlier than planned, and Verizon and Motorola must know that this would please an awful lot of people.

We’d like to know what you think of these latest rumors. Would an August 26 release appease you for the wait so far if you’re planning to purchase the Bionic or maybe you got tired of waiting and decided to opt for another smartphone? Let us know with your comments.

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  • BrianB13

    It doesn’t matter if they release the Bionic in August, September or October for me as I want to see what other phones come out. Especially the SGSII American variants and the HTC Vigor. If these phones come available and they are dual-core 4g LTE, I will probably get one of them instead of the Bionic as they seem to have superior specs to the Bionic’s specs. It all comes down to which phone performs the best. The Bionic has three issues; a Pentile matrix display, only a 1 ghz processor and a 0.3 mp front facing camera. The new phones coming out have 1.5 ghz processors, superior displays and 2 mp front facing cameras. If Motorola would have put in the TI OMAP 4460 1.5 ghz processor and 2 mp front facing camera in the Bionic, they would have a real beast of a phone instead of one with Atrix like specs from the beginning of the year.