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Apple iPhone 5 Arrival Soon: Sprint & T-Mobile May Miss Out

August 18, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Over the last few months we’ve been discussing the likelihood of Sprint and/or T-Mobile getting the Apple iPhone this time around. Many would love to see Sprint and T-Mobile get the iPhone 5 as well as existing carriers Verizon and AT&T but as yet there’s still no confirmed news on this. For some time we’ve thought it likely that all four US carriers would this time get the next iPhone but now word on the iPhone 5 arrival has led us to consider that maybe Sprint and T-Mobile may miss out after all.

We’ll give you a bit of background so far on this situation so click on the links if you want more detail. Way back in March we discussed how harmful it could be to Sprint if it didn’t get the next iPhone and then in June there were rumors of the purported iPhone 4S being a variant for Sprint and T-Mobile. More speculation followed and then at the beginning of July we then told how the likelihood of Sprint and T-Mobile carrying the iPhone 5 seemed like even more of a probability following analysts reports and later told how the iPhone 5 on all 4 major US carriers would benefit both Apple and consumers. There was also news that the iPhone 5 beta was being tested by all 4 carriers so all-in-all the signs for the iPhone 5 being launched on Sprint and T-Mobile looked extremely promising.

So what has cast some doubts in our minds then? An article by Bill Palmer over on Beatweek discusses this very subject and comes to the conclusion that both Sprint and T-Mobile may not get their hands on the iPhone until the iPhone 6. As far as Sprint goes Palmer suggests that the carrier is so tied to 4G that it would be unlikely to offer a smartphone without it. However, even if the iPhone 5 does include 4G support it’s likely to be for the 4G LTE networks of Verizon and AT&T and not Sprint’s alternative 4G network. Because Sprint is driving it’s own 4G network then, it seems that Sprint customers may have to wait for the iPhone 6. That is unless Apple has come up with a completely separate phone for Sprint, which at this time doesn’t seem so likely.

Taking a look at T-Mobile next, it seemed at one time that the carrier was very likely to get the iPhone 5 considering it’s upcoming merger with AT&T that already carries it. However recent falls in the stock market has now caused some uncertainty over the merger so with the present situation T-Mobile won’t get the iPhone 5 by default. Of course a compatible iPhone for T-Mobile would also be another issue. All of these points considered the chances of Sprint and T-Mobile carrying the iPhone 5 do look slightly ominous.

Of course we’ll keep you informed with all the latest developments and speculation about the Apple iPhone as we hear it but for now we’re playing the waiting game. Are you hoping for the iPhone 5 to arrive on Sprint or T-Mobile? Will you switch to Verizon or AT&T if it doesn’t happen for the next iPhone? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Luis D. Pantoja

    But didnt Sprint just sign a contract with Lightsquare for LTE 4G? I know that LTE 4G would not deploy fast enough to take good advantage of a LTE iPhone but the capability would be there. Wouldnt it?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Sprint has already started backing off WiMAx and now working on LTE, WiMax has no right to be labeled 4G anyways, it’s slow as hell.

  • Anonymous

    neither Verizon nor at&t will see one red cent from me, i will buy an iPhone and use it on strait talk instead.

  • Keegan Kalkowski

    Sprint needs the iPhone with or without 4G.

  • Jay Allanby

    I agree that Sprint needs the iPhone whether or not it is 4G. I think Sprint really screwed up with Wimax and the technology is DOA. 4G is very over rated IMO. It eats up battery life and works inconsistently. Now that HP has killed the Pre and WebOS, which was a great OS, Sprint needs a smart phone that will last more than 4 hours on a single charge. Android hasn’t figured out how to do that yet. I think Google is in the business of selling extra batteries.

  • Patricia A Valese

    my t-mobile contract expired, so yeah - I’ll probably go with Verizon (although their customer service sucks). I have Fios, so I’ll try to bundle it.