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Sony PS3 Price Slashed Globally: PS3 Or Entry Xbox 360?

August 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

For those of you who consider yourselves avid gaming enthusiasts, may want to prick your ears up now, with news that Sony is reducing the price of the PS3 console. Up until now the PS3′s price has been fairly hefty, therefore making it difficult for everybody to get their hands on it. With other consoles running alongside it such as the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 plus the handheld devices such as Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s new 3DS, other options have been available to users.

So of course, you’re wondering what the price now is for the Sony PS3? With a reduction of $50 worldwide, the 160GB model as Slashgear reported will now be $250 with the bigger 320GB model at $300. There are no restricting deadline dates either, Sony have assured consumers that these prices will now stay right up until the magical Christmas season.

It is hoped that the price reduction will entice customers away from other consoles and allow the PS3 to be more readily available to a much wider audience. This year Sony have had a fair amount of bad luck to come back from, with the PlayStation Secure Network being hacked with smaller hacks thereafter and just recently the London Riots resulted in their one and only warehouse in the UK being burnt down to the ground, therefore causing a detrimental effect on getting games out to retailers and consumers waiting for their favorite titles.

But is the PS3 slashed price enough to fend off competition? Currently the Wii sells with Mario Kart for a price of $150 with the Xbox 360 bundles selling for $200 or $300 with the Kinect. Therefore the PS3 with its Blu-Ray support will fall in line with the base line Xbox.

Long term there is also the new Sony Vita to look forward to with news that Japan will get it first with the rest of us waiting until 2012. Click here for more details. Also at the GamesCom conference in Germany yesterday, the company announced that a less expensive PSP model called the E-1000 would be made available to Europe for a price of £99, but lacks WiFi.

Tell us your thoughts on the PS3 lowered price? For the money tell us what would you opt for, the PS3 or Xbox 360 bundle?

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  • matt

    I would personally buy an Xbox + Kinect bundle despite the price. Kinect has been getting a lot of love from developers and you can actually use it to play custom games such as Enzitron . I’m good with price cuts for the PS3 too but lets just say intuition tells me I’ll be seeing more of the Kinect in the future.