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New Nintendo Wii Goes On A Diet On Run Up To Christmas

August 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

When we think of games consoles, two major players spring to mind, Sony’s PS3 and of course Microsoft’s Xbox 360. This duo are seen as the epitome of high end game play and with a long list of hard core games for the serious competitor, those that are dedicated to their online gaming will be signed up to one of these two. Coincidentally on the subject of the Sony PS3, gamers will be pleased to learn that the tech giants have dropped the console price down by $50 worldwide, as to appeal to a much wider consumer base as well as enticing customers in time for Christmas.

For some however, gaming is a take it or leave it pastime and with some of the above consoles games being quite involved in their skill level, part-time players can be put off. This is where Nintendo’s Wii shot to fame after its release back in 2006. It’s ease of game play and simple to pick up controls made it the perfect home entertainment console, giving all ages the ability to play alongside each other.

We have seen various limited edition Wii packages for instance the red edition which we reported on last year, but the basic content remained the same with wireless controllers and the small main console. Whilst the Wii has always sold well, its lack of change has always kept it a step behind Sony and Microsoft.

In a bid to secure and entice early Christmas shoppers, Nintendo has decided to revamp its current set up. According to T3, whilst the present model is by no means large, the proposed remake is said to be slimmer and feature a more family orientated package. This “family edition” bundle will include Wii Party, Wii Sports, along with the Wii Remote Plus controller and nunchuck sub controller.

Downsides to the new Wii as Engadget reported is that it will not be compatible with GameCube games or controllers but the plus side to this could mean a price cut making it an even more viable option.

Gaming technology is forever changing and just today we gave you news that Sony will be introducing a cheaper PSP version (E-1000) available in Europe for £99, as well as Sony bringing out the new Vita and Nintendo the new Wii U in 2012.

Are you a Nintendo Wii fan, can you see a benefit from a slimmer console when the current model doesn’t exactly take up much space?

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