President Obama Checks In to Foursquare: Track Campaigning

Here at OSM we are increasingly noticing the influence of social media on politics and only yesterday posted an article on US politics and its 5-year history with YouTube. President Barack Obama is no stranger to social media and back in June we told how he had now joined Twitter and before that he launched his next bid to be president on YouTube. Today we hear that the President has also joined Foursquare, the location-based social network.

This seems like a clever initiative by The White House as it will offer a great way of people to track Obama on the campaign trail and make check-ins across the country. News of Obama joining Foursquare comes to us from Ben Parr over on Mashable and the White House blog reads, “The White House is now on Foursquare, a location-based social networking website, which is the latest way for you to engage with the administration. There are over 10 million people already ‘checking in’ around the world, and now you’ll be able to discover ‘tips’ from the White House featuring the places President Obama has visited, what he did there, plus historical information and more.”

You can check out The White House on Foursquare at this link. Foursquare had only just begun its Tip Lists development allowing tips to be seen in a clear format and The White House has already posted its first tip about a speech that Obama made in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, discussing galvanizing the economy. This happened during Obama’s economic bus tour across the Midwest. Various presidential events will also have checkin locations created for them. The White House blog also tells how the Foursquare move will enable users to follow the trail, which will also include Decorah and Peosta, Iowa, along with Atkinson and Alpha in Illinois.

Apart from Foursquare White House tips and checkins the White House also says that it is looking for more ways to improve its online program and is open to suggestions. Foursquare already has more than 10 million users but could pick up a whole lot more very shortly as this has been well-timed to coincide with the economic bus tour and the increased action to come for the 2012 campaign.

With social media playing an increasing part in politics we’d be interested to find out if you will be using Foursquare to follow President Obama’s 2012 campaign? Let us know with your comments.