iPhone Stock Diminishes At Telefonica: iPhone 5 Sept 12th?

There are no doubt plenty of you waiting to get your hands on the next generation iPhone from Apple. Over the last umpteen amount of months, we’ve brought you various articles in relation to the new iPhone 5, be it what the new device will look like, what it may be called, if the specs will differ dramatically from its predecessor, price and of course release date. As we’ve said before, in our opinion Apple need to bring the iPhone 5 out fairly soon, as there are many big contenders arriving beforehand. Take Samsung’s Galaxy S II plus new additions the Celox and Xcover or perhaps Motorola’s new Droid Bionic, Photon 4G or Dinara.

We’ll hoping that we haven’t got too much longer to wait now until its launch, with a handful of past delays and news that’s pointing to a release tail end of September, beginning of October, we have some more news to report today.

According to Billy Steele over at Engadget, carrier Telefonica will begin reducing their iPhone stock from August 22nd right through to September 12th with many speculating that the latter date will be the time that we will see the iPhone 5 land. Just recently we reported that retailer RadioShack were reducing the prices of iPhone 4 stock which coincidentally is due to run out on August 20th.

Many rumors have been circling and its a job to know what to believe and what to just put to one side. Another piece of news today whilst on the subject of Apple, is that the iPad 3 is looking more likely to be released next year as oppose to the end of 2011.

The reason: According to Chris Davies at Slashgear, a 2012 release could be down to problems with high resolution screen shortages. It seems manufacturers LG and the mighty Samsung are not able to give Apple the supplies that they are expecting, whilst Sharp is charging too much.

Another problem facing Steve Jobs company, is that backlighting may not work alongside the Retina Display technology with Apple’s plans to provide a condensed thinner model.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 coming September 12th? Are you waiting patiently for its arrival? Perhaps you have taken advantage of dropped iPhone prices at RadioShack?

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    I am waiting patiently for its arrival… It’s getting tiring, though…. sigh…