New TabCo “Grid10” Tablet: Specs, Price & Pre-Order

The current mobile phone and tablet market is filling to the brim and its a job to know what to opt for. No doubt many of you would have set a budget as to how much to spend and as fantastic as the specs are, the price will play a huge factor. Up until the start of this year, Apple’s iPad device has been a key player with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab swiftly moving up alongside.

Since the start of this year, many other manufacturers such as HP, HTC, Asus, RIM’s BlackBerry and so on have all decided to get in on the act, but another, a name that you may not be familiar with has arrived. Bring on the new Grid 10 tablet from Fusion Garage, well actually start up company TabCo.

Firstly if we tell you that the new Grid 10 will include well a 10.1-inch screen, it will run on an Android kernel build similar as reported, to what Apple did with the OS X and UNIX BSD. In turn this then results in a User Interface that is grid based and gesture controlled.

Along with TabCo’s offering will include a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera, microSD slot, 3.5mm stereo jack, 2 models of a 3G and WiFi variety, built in apps including maps, calendar, message service, contacts, photos and compatibility with Android apps.

Although the news is somewhat vague, we can tell you that the Grid 10 is rumored to arrive on 15 September in America for a price of $599 for the 3G/WiFi model and a slightly less $499 for the WiFi only.

If a tablet device is not for you but you are considering the Fusion Garage range, then the Grid 4 smartphone may be the answer. The new 4-inch displayed device will incorporate a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 16GB of memory, front facing camera and can be purchased for a price of $399. Benefits for you, the user is that the two devices are compatible with one another allowing you to share media between the Grid 10 and the Grid 4.

In an interesting article from Arando Rodriguez at, he remarked on the Grid 4’s fairly poor battery of 1300 mAh, this in turn would only give the phone a small helping of life, although Fusion Garage have commented that the phone will last out for the same time as Apple’s iPhone 4. For more information head on over to Fusion Garage’s official website here.

Tell us if you convinced by the two Grid devices? Would you be tempted and if so which one would best suit your needs?

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    From what I have seen so far this tablet actually runs pretty smooth.