Why Sony & Microsoft Should Make An Xbox 720 PS4 Hybrid Together

A large majority of the latest tech talk has been based on rumors of future games consoles. Naturally Microsoft’s Xbox 720 and Sony’s PS4 are the first that come to mind, with talk that they could even be with us as soon as 2012. What we want to talk to you about though is the possibility of these 2 giants coming together to create one super console. Of course nothing is certain but it is never something to be totally ruled out.

So why would both Microsoft and Sony want to link up when they can both go it alone and make money for themselves? Well firstly in the long run it could make them far more money as they would have the Monopoly. Having each other as rivals possibly makes them less money than if they worked together.

The case we have today is normally a choice between either the 360 or PS3, the decision usually being based on which console your friends have. Sure some people buy both but why would they need to if the Americans and Japanese worked together? If there was 1 major console then there would be limited competition, most coming from Nintendo.

One of the biggest criticisms of having 2 major consoles on the market is that they both have separate online networks. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network gamers never have the opportunity to play each other which is upsetting for those who do not have the luxury of both consoles. We discussed in one of our other recent articles, the addition of cross platform gaming to the Xbox 720 and PS4 if those are indeed whats launched. Many of you supported this idea and welcomed it as an important feature.

As you will know, one of the major differences between these online services is a subscription payment for online gaming. Xbox Live charges where the PSN is free, some feel this is unfair but others don’t mind paying as they feel they get a better service. Xbox gamers are rewarded with things like 1 month exclusivity on DLC maps on games like Call of Duty: Black Ops. This really frustrates PS3 gamers as they have to wait an extra month for the new content, with a hybrid console the launch time differences would be eliminated. It was revealed that the Xbox 360 sells better than the PS3 so it may be in Sony’s interest to link up.

Now many of you will agree that Microsoft’s software is superior to Sony’s, with the opposite case on hardware. If this joint venture were to happen, I think you would see Sony doing the physical work and Microsoft the virtual. One of the hardest things to combine would be the joint online network and its compatibility with Xbox Live and the PSN. Should the service be free and how important is it for loyal players of the older networks to have the chance to challenge players on the newer one?

In terms of hardware, much of the PS3′s and more should be implemented into this would be console. A built in 3D Blu-ray player would be a must as it is in demand advanced technology and would prevent multiple disks being required for larger games. The latest PS3 software update added more 3D functionality so this is clearly something Sony is focusing on. The thought of the having the 2 working together is an exciting prospect, imagine how much would be improved. Graphics and built in motion control gaming would be features that will benefit from the partnership.

We are also interested to hear about how much you would be willing to pay for a console like this. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have differed in prices, ranging from £150-£300 so this affordable pricing structure must be kept to attract gamers to the device. Yes it is more likely that both companies will develop their own consoles in the form of the PS4 and 720 but we are never discounting a future venture. Could we one day see something like a “PlayBox” in your opinion? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments and if you think this partnership would be a good idea.

  • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

    Sony isn’t doing as well in the console market as Microsoft and Nintendo… This would only benefit Sony. Why would Microsoft even think about doing this?

  • http://twitter.com/pinnaps pinnaps

    What do you mean by “Sony isn’t doing as well in the console market as Microsoft and Nintendo…”

    Ignorant much? Your comments feel like straight from 2007/2008
    In case you missed it, PS3 year on year sales have been getting more growth than both 360 and Wii. Wii is pretty much dieing on the market now waiting to be refrshed by the wii u

    Did you know PS3 just surpassed the 360 on worldwide sales?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WXZEUOI75PWDXXAQBVFT4ORMUM E

    i have both so dont care but i like the competition and being a fanboy.

    i use my ps3 only for blu ray

  • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

    Link, as everything else I see shows Xbox 360 is still ahead.

  • http://twitter.com/playwithmetoo Omar Beltran

    no it’s not!!

  • http://twitter.com/playwithmetoo Omar Beltran

    no it’s not!!

  • http://twitter.com/pinnaps pinnaps

    why was my response not approved -.-

  • John Olegario

    i would agree with pinnaps here. im here in europe, and think this article clearly misses something, i also agree to that pinnaps said, that it is indeed fanbiosh, PS3 has already surpassed 360 months ago, . this article wrong, SONY is doing well, and it terms of reliablilty and great line up of exclusives i think the PS3 is the king,;) i hve 360 before but i have to send it down to the repair shop all the time. until i got rid of it, bcoz i cannt afford to maintain it, with my PS3 i never had a single problem. now i have the slim. i would disagree that microsoft software is stronger. well no. over the years sony , continously update the ps3′s system software, improving etc, and it looks greater than before now, and the amount of content you get from the store is now massive and really great that i have purchased and downloaded around 366 of content and games in it. and more to explore. as u also may know ps3′s software has been upgraded to have other functinality as well, as recent study shows that ps3 is the best on this, services like hulu vudu, lovefilm, vidzone, and more. so i would say sony is superior to that, and talking about games, sony has great games now, such games that makes sony great. ill mention uncharted. ;) end each games that comes out is now in full 720p/1080p resolution and full 3D. PSN users also around 75-80 million members worldwide aswell/ 360 live has 25+members in selected countries. ;) . so i really disagree to what this article is saying. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Tran/1644875159 Matt Tran

    Where does the article say that Sony is not doing well? =) I own both consoles also and I prefer my PS3 as the hardware is far superior such as 3d support and blu-ray, but on the 360 it seems a better experience with friends because of party chat etc. This article is not based on who is better out of Sony and Microsoft, they have both sold exceptionally well and different sources claim both have outsold each other. This is about the possibility of both working together to bring an ultimate console to millions of game lovers in the future. I appreciate everyone’s feedback and respect their opinions =)