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Shammi Kapoor, Bollywood & India’s Elvis Presley Dies: Tributes

August 14, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Today we have sad news of the passing of a Bollywood legend. Shammi Kapoor, often dubbed India’s Elvis Presley, died aged 79 of kidney failure earlier today at Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital. Kapoor’s dancing and acting style was a huge influence on modern-day Bollywood stars and already tributes are flooding in via Twitter.

Shammi Kapoor has also become a trending topic on Twitter in the last few hours (hit this link) and this seems rather fitting as he was a Twitter user and fan of the microblogging site himself. In fact, according to The Economic Times, the actor was one of the first from the Bollywood community to become involved in Twitter, describing himself on the site as a “renaissance man, retired actor and computer buff.”

Indeed even though he was on regular dialysis and relied on a wheelchair, Shamsher Raj Kapoor, who affectionately became known as Shammi, still used Twitter regularly and on occasion used the site to arrange to meet aspiring Bollywood personalities, such as actress Deepika Padukone. Shammi certainly broke with the traditional style of Bollywood acting when he came to prominence, introducing the shimmying dancing style he became well known for, his aim being to make himself different from his brother Raj Kapoor who was already an established star, both in acting and directing.

Shammi Kapoor’s father was a well-known theatre personality, Prithviraj Kapoor, and along with brother Raj, he had another brother Shashi who also found success as an actor. Just some of the films that Shami Kapoor starred in were his debut movie Jeevan Jyoti and many others including Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Junglee, Professor, Brahmchari, Janwar.

Twitter tributes include this one from a fan, “Rest in peace Shammi Kapoor. You were cool long before the world knew how to use that word,” according to Joanna McCabe over on Metro. Another fan tweeted, “Mr Shammi Kapoor. Never before – Never again.” Rather fittingly another read, “Elvis Presley’s 34th death anniversary is on August 16. Shammi Kapoor, the man they often called India’s Elvis Presley, passed away on August 14.”

Our thoughts go to Shammi Kapoor’s family, his wife and one son and daughter, and of course his friends and those who knew him. We’d like to hear all of your thoughts about the passing of this renowned and loved Bollywood star so please do leave your tributes by sending us your comments about Shammi Kapoor.

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