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Droid Bionic Unlocked Bootloader Roundup: Photon 4G Signs

August 14, 2021 | Debbie Turner

We know that many of our readers are waiting for the release of the Motorola Droid Bionic and those who have hung on since details first emerged have now been waiting a long time. We have news today that may please many of you as the signs are looking good that even if it is not released with an unlocked bootloader, it could be unlocked very shortly after launch, that’s if the Motorola Photon 4G is anything to go by.

Those who are regular OSM readers and have followed developments for the Droid Bionic may remember that we have wondered for some time whether the Droid Bionic bootloader will come unlocked or not, for those who like to customize their smartphones. Click on any of the links for more on any particular story. As far back as April we told how Facebook was being used to ask Motorola Android customers what they most wanted and unlocked bootloaders easily headed the list. In June our Tim Ollason then reported that Motorola had listened to its customers and made an announcement that it was the company’s intention to include unlockable/relockable bootloaders later in 2011.

This was music to the ears of many waiting for the Droid Bionic but then we heard that this would not be available for the new Motorola Photon 4G which sounded pretty ominous for an unlockable bootloader included for the Droid Bionic on release. We then also asked readers if they were likely to wait for an official update to unlock the boot room or whether they would root their devices. Sadly the chances of an unlockable bootloader for the Bionic seemed to worsen further when the Motorola Droid 3 was also released with a locked bootloader. This surprised many, given the fact that Motorola had previously made an announcement seemingly acknowledging that what many of its customers wanted was an unlocked bootloader for their new smartphone.

However an article we spotted today has given us renewed hope of an unlocked bootloader for the Droid Bionic. It seems that the Photon 4G that was only released last month has now had its bootloader unlocked, which will of course please many who own the Photon 4G. It’s still good news though for those waiting for the Bionic as it would seem the odds for an unlocked bootloader are now improved. If the Droid Bionic doesn’t actually release unlocked it’s plausible to think that it will be unlocked shortly afterwards and of course Droid 3 owners may also be benefitting soon from unlocked devices.

News of the Photon 4G bootloader being unlocked by a developer came to us from Droid-Life and if you want to unlock your Photon 4G head to this XDA link. As the release of the Bionic is now rumored for early September we may not have too much wait to confirm news on its bootloader status. You may also be interested in our recent articles about a Bionic hands-on, the possibility of a Droid Bionic release at the same time as the US release of the Samsung Galaxy S II and news that speed tests and battery performance of the Bionic have both impressed.

Are you waiting for the Droid Bionic and hoping it will have an unlocked bootloader? If there were no chance of it being unlocked would it put you off purchasing this smartphone? Why not let us know with your comments.

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  • BrianB13

    I would definitely prefer an unlocked bootloader but that is not a criteria that would prevent me from purchasing the Bionic. What could stop me from buying the Bionic would be the American version of the SGSII or the HTC Vigor.