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Social Success: StumbleUpon Button Clicked 25 Billion Times

August 11, 2021 | Matt Tran

Social discovery site StumbleUpon has really been coming along well recently, hitting an impressive landmark. The sharing service reached 25 billion clicks on its “StumbleUpon Button”, leading to a celebratory Twitter announcement from the site. The social discovery tool is also celebrating another milestone, its 10th anniversary.

StumbleUpon is overlooked as one of the leading social sites, however they have a loyal user base of around 15 million and are clearly making a success of what they are doing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Foursquare are amongst the most recognized social sites currently used, but it seems odd why StumbleUpon has failed to break out massively with the other sites when it has been out longer. They offer a slightly unique service to what the other sites do, but offer less options it could be argued.

Nevertheless StumbleUpon seem very pleased with their progress and tweeted: “Today we celebrate 25,000,000,000 clicks of the Stumble! button”, Mashable reports. StumbleUpon Community Manager Monica Semergiu broke the news to users to users which received a great response on the microblogging site. The service allows users to share and rate different kinds of media with friends, however the weakness with the site is that it is only supported by some web browsers, according to Tech Shout.

The introduction of smartphones and social marketing has been a real help to StumbleUpon, with user numbers exploding in the last few years particularly. 9 months ago the site had 12 million users, with his number now standing at over 15 million. This may not seem a lot, but when you compare what StumbleUpon offers in comparison to a vast multi use site like Facebook, it is not bad growth at all.

StumbleUpon was spun off from eBay in 2009 and this has also contributed to its successful periods. The site broke its mobile usage record as a result of the Super Bowl, with a massive amount of clicks being recorded in that day. The huge sporting event drew in over 27.5 million clicks to StumbleUpon, with the month of April and onwards yielding 1 billion “Stumbles” a month. All of these achievements have combined to give the site the landmark they are now celebrating.

I do not see any reason why StumbleUpon can not continue its steady growth and gain the same kind of recognition as Facebook and co. You will notice that only some sites have an “SU” button which allows the user to share, but every web page has a Facebook Like and Google +1 button. If StumbleUpon can work on a web expansion then they may just be able to get in amongst the world’s biggest social sites.

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