BEWARE: Firefox Update Scam Going Around With Trojan Horse

At OSM we like to report all different kinds of news to you, one in particular making you aware of dangerous scams going around. Many that we see originate from Facebook, with the latest one being “BREAKING: Lil Wayne Nearly Dies In FATAL Car Crash!“. This one in particular caught out many people and now there is another dangerous scam going round that involves the popular web browser, Firefox.

Mozilla’s open source OS has been taken advantage of by scammers, with a deadly update spreading around the web. Cyber criminals have created a bogus bit of malware which is made to look like a Firefox update, which users are asked to download via a link from an email. PC savvy users will know that Firefox updates itself automatically, but the inexperienced user would likely fall for the scam. According to The Register, the phoney update comes with a nasty Trojan Horse virus.

The Trojan Horse will infect your PC and steal your passwords so we urge you to be very careful with what you download. We recommend you share this article with your friends so they can also avoid being scammed. The scandal started circulating over the weekend with a number of spam emails being passed around including a link to the Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 installer and Trojan Horse. The success of this scam is based on the knowledge of the victim, but the email has been engineered to look like it was sent from Mozilla, BBB reports.

This kind of scam originated from Microsoft security updates tricking the user in the same way. The most common forms of virus are ones that act as a form of anti virus and demand money from you to kill all of the fake infections you have. Occasionally gullible PC users give the con artists their credit card details and next thing they know they are left with large bills, empty banks and a PC still full of malware.

In this scam the thieves will make their money from methods like selling personal details of using these themselves. We recently saw how the “King of Spam” on Facebook has been arrested and charged with fraud. US based 43 year old Sanford Wallace has been accused of plaguing websites with over 27 million spam messages and faces a minimum of 16 years in jail if guilty. To add to this we reported that inmates in California will lose the right to the use of Facebook, with their accounts being terminated.

Once more we would like to warn our readers against this awful scam, if you remember receiving an email like this then we recommend you run an anti-virus scan. Also immediately warn family and friends who you think may fall for the trick. Let us know in the comments section if you have seen or been affected by this kind of scam recently or in the past.

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    How do I get rid of this scam???????