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Apple iPhone 5 video of rumors, any truth in them?

August 11, 2021 | Tim Ollason

We are becoming more and more reliant on our mobile phones and as manufacturers know that, now smartphones are being packed full of technology and features, which is great for us as consumers. One of the big boys in this field is Apple and we have just found an Apple iPhone 5 video of rumors, we want to know which you think are true.

We have been keeping a watchful on the majority of rumors and happenings around the potential release of the iPhone 5 which of course will set the world on fire when anything official is said. Yesterday, Matt Tran reported on some phony pictures which were so convincing and good that it was difficult to say for sure that they were fake.

The rumors have been coming through thick and fast since the release of the iPhone 4 as they always do with Apple devices. The most recent ones are covered in the video at the bottom of the article which includes some that are pretty believable along with some that we don’t feel will be present in Apple’s latest flagship device. Remember, when it comes to Apple nobody really knows what’s going on except for them, think about when they released the iPad 2, people had hunches as they do for any Apple event but nobody knew it would be released. We saw the same situation with their new Thunderbolt peripheral.

Anyway, getting back to these rumors from the video, there’s all sorts in there with one of the more interesting ones being a curved screen. Others include the home button being removed, LTE connectivity, the design being similar to the iPhone 4, a bigger screen with a better resolution and also for it to come in white and have a better camera. We certainly think that a white model is a must, thinking back to the iPhone 4, people were going bananas for a white version of the device and they released the iPad 2 with a white version from the very beginning, this seems highly likely.

We learned of the video through an entry over on who sourced The other things that were mentioned in the video surround the processor, RAM and camera. As with any upgrade these are things that you would expect to see upgraded but we are also hoping for better battery life. One of the things about the likes of the iPhone 4 is when you run it with the screen brightness turned up, WiFi on and play a few games here and there, your battery depletes rapidly. I generally run mine at half the screen brightness with WiFi on and have to charge it most nights.

What do you think the most important feature upgrade will be on the next generation iPhone? Will you buy one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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