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Twitter Extreme Usage To London Riots: Facebook Not Favoured

August 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Since the London riots started a few days ago, the internet has been a hive of activity. Be it people surfing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or even heading on over to news sites such as the BBC or Sky News. Here at OSM, we’ve brought you a handful of articles since Sunday including, Twitter commenting on the death of Mark Duggan, how social media is being blamed for the riots spiralling out of control, Sony’s warehouse being burn’t to the ground, cleanup operations to reclaim the London streets, footballers airing their feelings on Twitter, how BlackBerry’s Messenger service should be stopped and so on.

Today its been reported that Twitter has seen a huge rise in user traffic with the riots now heading into yet another day, with users choosing to leave Facebook out of the picture. According to Mashable, a web research firm by the name of Experian Hitwise has explored the figures in closer depth with some interesting findings.

On August 8th, the first day of the rioting, 1 in every 170 UK visits were made to Twitter, with 3.4 million people from the UK heading to Twitter’s homepage yesterday. Check out the graph below.

Reasons to why many have chosen Twitter over Facebook is not completely known, but Hitwise have put it down to those users living in the city’s postal code areas, whilst Facebook proves to be more popular in other parts of the country.

As to when the riots will start calming down is anybody’s guess, the violence has now spread to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Peoples’ livelihoods have been affected with shop fronts being smashed in and looters taking money and stock, cars and buildings have been set on fire with many people being left homeless. The Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken out by saying that those old enough to commit the crimes if caught will get the full force of the law. In order to catch those responsible, Tumblr has set up a feature that includes photos of the criminals, in the hope that they will be recongised by others.

Tell us what your thoughts are towards those responsible for the complete carnage and guys keep it clean! Have you or are you affected by the riots and if so where do you live?

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