Motorola’s Xoom Joins Samsung & HTC On Apple’s Legal Hit List

Apple are not shy when it comes to defending what they believe is theirs, this being evident in the amount of their rivals they are dragging into the courtroom. Motorola now join Samsung and HTC in a legal battle with Apple, all of whom are being accused of patent infringement and intellectual property theft. It is Motorola’s Android tablet the Xoom which is allegedly an iPad rip off.

Apple succeeded in getting an injunction to stop Samsung shipping their newest Galaxy 10.1 tablet to Europe. Slash Gear reports that they are looking to do the same with the Motorola Xoom, despite it already being on sale for a number of months. The American based tech firm are also pursuing Samsung for infringing their iPhone when making their Galaxy smartphones. Apple has been criticized by many for being more competitive in the courtroom than in the marketplace.

Tech Radar points out that what the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab and the Motorola Xoom have in common is that they both run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The market for Honeycomb tabs is still relatively small, with the Xoom only launching here in the UK in April. It would still be advantageous to seek an injunction hat trick as the shipping prevention on rivals would strengthen their own iPads.

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC are also facing an Apple rampage after they were accused of infringing patents with their Desire and Sensation smartphones. It does not even end there, Apple has also said they are closely examining the Gingerbread powered HTC Flyer tablet. The successful patent ruling that Apple won resulted in HTC’s shares dropping by over 7%. All of this legal action has left Apple laughing as they posted record quarterly profits and were revealed to be richer than the US government.

The injunction against Samsung is a preliminary one; however Apple could be looking for a permanent one for Motorola. The Cupertino based company are reportedly suing Motorola for more than 40 US patents, although the outstanding one so far is the Xoom tablet. Apple seem by far the busiest company in the courtroom, recently losing out to Amazon over the trademark infringement on the word “Amazon Appstore”. Steve Jobs and co were also guilty of infringement themselves and reportedly had to pay up to $1 billion to Nokia.

If you are a fan of Apple and their products then you may be interested to take a peak at some suspicious images and specs of the iPhone 5. They have supposedly been leaked by a German Apple site, we are not convinced though. What are your thoughts on Apple’s quest to put all of their competitors out of business with the aid of lawsuits? Surely everyone’s technology is similar in some ways and the line must be drawn somewhere?

  • Mark J Daniels

    It is this sort of attitude that makes me *not* want to buy Apple products. I haven’t seen a Xoom yet, but the Samsung Galaxy isn’t anything like an iPhone! They’re just jealous and scared of Android’s increasing dominance in a market they admittedly started but are now struggling to compete in.

  • Jim

    Somebody MUST stop Apple! Maybe, DOJ or ITC. They’re dangerous. Probably ipad2 sales dropped essentially, compared to the previous quarter, forcing them to bash everybody.

    I like how EVERY news website (paid bias likely) writes about Apple, suing somebody, but they don’t repeat so hardly countersuits. BTW Motorola SUED Apple first. IT has 17,000+ mobile patents and can easily beat Apple in such loud-hype-media-pr-disputes.

    Android vendors SHOULDN’T invent star-shaped red tablet form-factors just to not to be sued by this agressively ugly lawsuit monster.